Thursday, November 12, 2009

Earn $ Visting your Favorite Sites - Be Ruby

Do you go to Facebook regularly? What about Twitter? Yahoo Mail? Hotmail? Gmail?

I do! I visit many of these pages MULTIPLE times throughout the day. So, I was very happy to find a site in it's Beta phase ( meaning we are going to be one of the first users to utilize this new site ) that is paying you every time you go to your favorite sites, up to once per day.

The idea is similar to the Online Rebate Shopping sites like Ebates, Shop at Home, etc. You go to their site first, then click thru to the merchant you want and get a portion of your purchase back.

Well, Be Ruby's structure mirrors that. You go to their site first, then click on the icon for Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc. Then, they increase your balance for going to your favorite site. OK...not much. It is $.005 per click, but that will add up. And, you get the same amount when you go to their site each day and a $1.00 for joining free.

In addition, you can set up a favorites list. So, go thru all their sites available and pick the ones you frequent each day or weekly. That way, when you log into your account you click the favorites button and find your site. No searching their database for your favorite website then.

Want to know if Be Ruby is paying for your site? Find their name and if there is a red ruby next to it, they pay.

Besides all that, they also pay back for shopping thru their site. So, now I have another account to check and see who is paying the most back when I shop online.

Be Ruby

AND..don't forget the Tell a Friend promotion they are offering this month. Get $5 for 5 friends!

How do you get your money? Once your balance reaches $10 they will send to your paypal account, so make sure you have one set up.

So, want to take part with me? Click here to register.

I can't wait to cash out my free money!

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WiJoyMom said...

From website, for Facebook I see,

$0.005 per visit.
Maximum one visit per day.

I'm sorry I am unable to find 'where' it says 10 cents per day/for visiting.

I'm also not seeing where it says I'd get 5 cents per click. Is that for any search done on the internet? or only when a search is done from their site?

Will I still be able to use GoodSearch (search engine?) from the Firefox/main page?

Lorrie Briggs said...

I signed up. I am not sure how it works though. Do they just know when you click on a site or do you have to go through theirs? I will keep looking into it.

Carrie @ said...

Wi Joy Mom,

It is 10 cents per day on visiting the Be Ruby site ( not Facebook ).

But, HA on me. Yesterday, it said .10, and today it say <.01 ( they must have realized their error and fixed it ). I checked my balance from yesterday, and I got the 10 cents for the visit in my account, so it is gone now. The joys of a Beta phase site. :)

In regards to 5 cents per click? Not sure about that. Are you talking about the $.005 cents per click for Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, etc, etc? I mentioned that in the post.

Or something else.

Let me know, and I can research. It is definitely going to be slow earning, but I have just been keeping mine up on my PC open and click on the icon I need when I go there each day.

The rest of the time, I go thru via Swagbucks ( do a search for Facebook, etc ) so that I have a chance of getting more swagdollars.

Carrie @ said...


It works like Ebates, Shop at Home, etc.

You log into Be Ruby each day and just have it open on your PC.

Then, if you need to go to any of those sites just click on the link for the site you need.

It will take you right there and you will then earn your whopping $.005.

I saved my frequent sites to my Favorites, so I just use those.

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