Sunday, November 8, 2009

$5 off $25 Walgreens Coupons = $4.25 a Pack for Huggies

Here is a great savings scenario for Huggies diapers ( my favorite )!

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Coupon/Sale shopping for my families needs is one of my top savings for my family. And, remember, when you save, that is more money in your household's pockets that can be set aside and "earning" money for you!!

$4.25 Huggies Diapers

  • Buy 4 Jumbo pks at $8.99, Total $35.96
  • $1 Off EACH pack - Walgreens coloring/activity book ( found near the Kids coloring books, etc ). Read more on the coloring book here.
  • $1.50 Off Printable here ( print twice )
  • $2 Off Printable here ( print twice )
  • Add a small item to bring your total up by 4 cents, since your total is only $24.96. Examples: pencils, etc )
  • Use $5 off $25 Walgreens coupon. Was in your Sunday paper OR can be picked up in the front of most stores with their circular.
  • Submit for $.75 off per pack from Caregivers Marketplace Rebates
  • Final $4.25 per pack
Would you like to earn when printing the coupons above, too? Sign up with My Points here, and earn points every time you print coupons AND redeem them. Your points can be accumulated and redeemed for free gift cards, etc.

Thanks to Lori at Moms by Heart for sharing with me.

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Evelyn said...

I signed up for My Points and I can't print coupons. In fact no picture of coupons comes up. Could it be my brand new computer? I have printed coupons from before. Just curious your experience at my points.

Carrie @ said...


I print mine from there every time I need them. I just logged in to see if it is working.

If you log in, click on the Deals tab, go to Grocery Coupons.

Once I click on that tab, my coupons are all right there to click and print.

Are yours not?

Could you have your cookies set to the highest and it is blocking uploads from sites? Check that and see if it works then.

Let me know!!

Evelyn said...

I got it to work. This comment is for anyone else who signs up. I have been printing from for a few years. Now I can get points if I print and USE the coupons. This is great. I had "heard" Carrie mention this before, but got overwhelmed with all the information. So others may want to try it.

Now about me not being able to print the coupons. The first day I signed up and tried to print the coupons. Since we got a new computer this week, I thought it might be another download we needed to install. But no, I had not activated my acct. from my email. So anyone who has a problem, be sure you activate your acct. HA!

Carrie @ said...

Yay, Evelyn!

Isn't it fun to earn when doing something you already did before?

I just earned enough for another $10 Gift Card.

Love it!!

Don't forget..if you did set it up to go to your own email, I highly suggest setting a email up JUST for My Points.

They will send you gobs of emails you can click on/read to earn extra points.

But, you don't want those emails in your normal email.

I set mine up as mypointsforcarrie@

I just log into that account when I want to earn points and read my eamils for the day all in one setting.