Sunday, November 8, 2009

$10 off ANYTHING at Kohl's

Keep your eyes peeled! Check all your junk mail.

On Saturday, I got ANOTHER $10 off Anything coupon for Kohl's in my mailbox. But, this one is for all Kohl's shoppers, not just Kohl's credit card holders. Scroll down to sign up for Kohl's coupons, if you haven't already.

The coupon starts this coming Wednesday and expires Saturday, the 21st. And, always remember to pair this coupon with sales to get deep discount.

If are new to my blog, you know my rule of 75% off or more for shopping. These coupons often help me achieve that goal. New to my site? Read here my method to sale shopping and saving your family immensely.

For example, my 5 year old daughter has recently outgrown all her pants. She has a few pair of khaki's left, but no jeans that she could wear to kindergarten. So, I have utilized both my $10 off Kohl's and $10 off JcPenney's coupons I received over the last month.

Last week, I got a pair of $34 jeans for Ella for $1.80!!!!! Kohl's has some great girls racks at 60% off or more. The jeans were on sale for $11.80, and then they took the $10 off coupon. Couldn't go wrong with those.

Now, I will head back up on Wednesday to get her another pair.

Then, with my JcPenney $10 off $10 coupon, I got her a pair for $1.99. This is a photo of the $24.99 jeans that were on sale for $11.99. $10 off coupon brought them down to under $2!

Don't miss out on these $10 off $10 coupons ever again!

Click here to register for Kohl's! Remember, you will get a $5 off $5 coupon to start you out ( grab something for next to nothing with that coupon! )

Click here to register for JcPenney's.

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