Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hasbro Games for 57 Cents Each

This is an amazing deal from Toys R Us, and if you need to stock up on Holiday gifts for children ( or even birthday parties during the year ) this is the time.

Here is the rundown:

  • Toys R Us - Spend $25, get a $10 Gift Card Back
  • Buy 7 Hasbro Games at $3.99 ea ( included: Ants in Pants, Candy Land, Cootie, Chutes and Ladders, Don't Break the Ice, Hi-Ho Cherry-O, Memory ) Total $27.93
  • $14 Back via Hasbro Rebate here
  • Final Price is 57 cents each plus tax
I must thank Samantha at Fabulessly Frugal Mom!!!

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Connie Petertonjes said...

Thanks, Carrie! I am sending Craig to Toys R Us at lunch today! I actually have a gift to buy for someone and she wants some of the games on this rebate for her gift, so this is perfect! Grab some of the smaller games for the kids and these make super good deals!

Thanks again!

Carrie @ said...

Let me know if they have a lot in stock he going to the Dayton Mall location?

I was thinking of having my in-laws run over and pick some up for me ( I don't want to drive all the way up there ), but don't want them to go if out of stock.

Connie Petertonjes said...

Carrie: He just called. Dayton Mall had NONE of those $3.99 games left. He got Jenga for my nephew's wife and Connect 4 for our oldest daughter and Memory (pooh) for our 3 year old. So, he was able to get to the $25 for the gift card. But, I was hoping to get some of those $3.99 games for future gifts. I may check other locations to see if I can at least get them so I can use the rebate.

Carrie @ said...


I had a feeling that would happen. How could they NOT sell out super fast. They are practically free!!!

Carrie T. just wrote me on Facebook and said she got hers...I bet she got over there FAST to get in on them.

Glad you let me know. Definitely don't want to send the in laws on a wild goose chase.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of any other cincinnati locations with them in stock!?