Thursday, August 27, 2009

Join to Earn & Survey Stats

I actually sat down and took surveys over the last week again. It felt good to get caught up on them all. In fact, when I logged into Global Test Market, I had 5 waiting, so I just took them all in a row.

If you want to earn money taking surveys, you can click here or go to my Surveys button in my left menu bar. I also have a listing of all survey companies I recommend.

For new readers, I provide my results to show others what companies are sending invites, approx. how many I qualify for and what I earn. Most companies provide points that I then redeem for cash.

You can click my 2009 Savings & Earnings drop down in the right side bar to see how much money I have actually received in hand so far from surveys.

This week, I would like to introduce you to If you qualify for their surveys, they reward you with cash that they pay via Paypal. In addition, they only send you about 3 to 4 a month.

I am excited to add another company to my list!

If you are interested in joining this company, click here.

Now, here are my stats for this week. Feel free to click on the name of any of the survey companies, if you want to register for free and begin taking surveys with their company, too:
  • Global Test Market - 5 screener & 1 Survey - 55 Points
  • My Survey - 1 screener & 1 Survey - 20 Points ( If you installed the Messenger when I talked about it awhile back, they are now sending surveys out for 10 points for only 7 questions on your feedback )
  • Survey Head - 1 screener - didn't qualify
  • Zoom Panel - 1 screener - 5 Points
  • Opinion Outpost - 3 screener - didn't qualify
  • Test Spin - 3 screeners - didn't qualify
  • Survey Spot - 1 screener - didn't qualify
  • Valued Opinions - 1 screener - didn't qualify

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1 comment:

Diann said...

Hi Carrie,

Life is gotten so hectic, I have let a lot of surveys slide. I think it is time for me to buckle down and include "survey time" into my weekly schedule! Last year I did so good with surveys, this year I have fallen off the bandwagon. Thanks for the "gotta get some surveys done" reminder! :)