Thursday, August 27, 2009

Pocket Video Camera for $39.99 or less!

Holiday Gift Shopping Time Again! Or, well, buy one for yourself!

OK, before I start, my rule is almost ALWAYS 75% or more! So, this deal isn't as good as most. But, I couldn't pass this up. Why?

Well, I just got my first flip styled video camera last month and LOVE it! It is so small and I carry it in my purse. And, all of a sudden, I am snapping video of my kids everywhere! I was starting to get a bit frustrated with myself lately, because my poor 3rd child just has not had a lot of video taken of him.

I mean, with my first, I taped everything!So, I can't say enough good things about the flip styled video cameras.

This one is being offered by Dell and is priced normally at $84.99. In fact, I searched some other stores, and they have it priced as high as $95. But, right now, they have it marked down to $39.99! That is very cheap for a flip styled camera. Mine retailed for $160!

And, it tapes for up to 2 hours! Yay!

On top of that, if you shop thru Ebates or Shop at Home, you get extra money back!

If you are not a member of either, I would suggest signing up with Ebates. You get a $5 bonus and 4% back! So, that would bring the price down below $35!

If you are already a member of Ebates, then sign up with Shop at Home to get their new member bonus and bring your price down even more. They are also giving a $5 new member bonus and 3% back!

So, here is what you do:

  • Pick Ebates or Shop at Home and log in/register
  • Go to Dell Home thru their site
  • Search for Vado Pocket Video Cam
  • Pick from Pink or Silver
Enjoy your new camera!

Thanks so much to Becky from Nickels n Dimes for sharing this great find!

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Camille said...

WOW! I own a Flip, but I can't pass up this amazing price!! Plus mine is only a 1 hour and this is 2! Thanks for the tip!

Jennifer Billy said...

Thanks for sharing this deal. You can make it even better if you have gotten your "Fuel for School" rebate from Kellogg's that included a $70 rebate for Dell. Hope mine comes before this offer is gone. You can go here to print the rebate form.

Carrie @ said...


I thought the rebate was only towards select Dell Inspirion Minis and Studio Laptops?

Let me know

Anonymous said...

I have the old fashioned HUGE video camera, so to see this was a blessing in disguise, especially when my son is going off to college next year - what a great present for myself AND X-mas present for my son.

Thanks, Tracy

Jennifer Billy said...

Sorry, I did not get it yet. I just assumed it was good towards any Dell purchase. I guess I would not even be able to use it towards the new laptop I was going to get.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Amy said...

I purchased a flip a few months ago for my husband. He returned it and got the new iPhone with video. Great for him, but my iPhone does not have video. What a great price. Just ordered mine via Ebates! Thanks!

Lynn said...

Thank you so much for this information! I don't normally do this, but I ordered one for my step-daughter for Christmas and one for my husband and myself! I cannot believe I will own one! I cannot wait. I did mine through My Points to earn the points.

Tawnee Kendall said...

Pardon me for correcting your wording but, Creative makes the "Vado Pocket Cam" -- the one shown in the photo and you also reference it when telling us where to search. The word "Flip" is used for a different brand of camera made by Cisco. In my humble opinion, Creative's product is far superior. The quality of sound is impeccable, plus it comes with a lot of extra features that Flip doesn't have. Also, there is an HDMI cable in the box for you to connect to you HD tv, as well as a silicon skin.