Thursday, July 16, 2009

25 Bonus Points from My Survey

Survey Stat time!

I qualified for a couple this week. And, is it me, or are screeners become much shorter? On my end, a couple questions and they let me know if I don't qualify. This is making it a lot easier to get thru my emails in my survey email account each day.

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Well, before I get into my stats, I wanted to share a great 25 Bonus opportunity that My Survey has running on their site. Possibly, it has been there forever, but I just stumbled upon it this week, but it could be a new promotion.

First, click here to register for free with My Survey, if you haven't already.

Next, when you are in your account, go to the Rewards tab. Scroll down. You will see towards the bottom, middle a spot to click on Install My Survey Messenger to receive 25 points. This will also enter you into a drawing for 50,000 bonus points ( wouldn't that be nice to win, that is $500! )

I downloaded the Messenger earlier in the week, and I truly love it. A little box will pop up on my computer screen in the lower right corner when a new survey is loaded into my account. This keeps me from having to check email or logging into My Survey to check. It also has been motivating as a reminder to me to take some surveys each day.

So, go grab your extra 25 points now! It takes moments.

And, without further delay, here are my stats:

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Anonymous said...

One thing I like about My Survey is the "spin" they put on whether you qualify for a survey.
Most sites invite you to a survey, tell you how many points it is worth, and pre-screen.
If you do not meet the qualifications, you are informed that you are not qualified to take the survey and thus, will not receive the points.

My Survey spins this the other way. They invite you to take a survey for 10 points. You take the survey and get your points.
BUT if you pass the pre-screener - they then inform you that you have qualified for another survey for more points, and ask if you want to take it.

For some reason it just seem nicer to be told that you got our 10 points (and maybe be invited to get more) than to be told that you didn't qualify for survey and are only receiving a few points.

The points are the same. The spin on them is different.


kelly said...

I was glad to see that I wasnt the only person who never qualifies for the opinion outpost surveys. I dont like how they have you practically fill out the survey and then they tell you that you dont qualify.