Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Online Offers - Over $1,750 in choices!

Welcome to my weekly post for all of you Online Offer enthusiasts out there.

Here you will see a list of which new offers are available, so you can find out what is currently new and fresh in the world of online offers.

All of these offers will also be on my Online Offers page, along with any other online offers available. Please click here or go to the button in my left menu bar titled, Online Offers at anytime to read on how I make thousands with these deals.In addition, when you decide which offer you are going to try, make sure to read the specific instructions for that company. They will be listed by company in the side bars on my Online Offers web page.

And, don't forget to email me your picture with your prizes when they arrive. And, leave a comment in the Blogger Bragger post when you get your goodies!!

Here are this weeks offers:

IDeal - Top Notch

IDeal - eSolutions Media


Finally, new to online offers? What is a good offer to start with today? I would recommend a $500 IDeal offer. Make sure to read my general instructions here, my IDeal instructions, the FAQs and check out the Facebook Discussions boards.Here is a good one to start:
$500 Groceries Gift Card

Have fun!

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Amber said...

Just a question actually, we did a IDeal offer and are looking into doing another one, I know you can't do another ideal for 6 months, but does that refer to all the different Ideal offers, or just the one we did? I hope that makes sense? Thanks!

Jacqueline said...

Help! I did the $500 Visa Gift Card and Michael Jackson t-shirt yesterday through e-Research. When I logged onto my account this morning it doesn't have any offers I did listed! It says I haven't done any offers under any of the categories! AHHHH!! Can it sometimes take awhile for them to show up? This is only my third offer, but my other two online offers at least listed the offers I did! Helpppppppppp

Carrie @ said...


Were they showing up last night when you did them?

Jacqueline said...

I honestly didn't check. :(

Do you have any advice? Thanks!

Carrie @ said...


I would try emailing them, although I am honestly don't think they will be able to help you.

Every time you do an online offer with IDeal, you need to ensure the offers registers on your status page before you complete the offer.

I believe it was #8 in my IDeal instructions..but not positive of the exact number? It explains the process in detail.

A quick recap:

What you need to do is click on the offer you want, and right before you sign up with it, you need to login to your IDeal account on another page and see if it is showing up as pending.

If it shows up as pending, then it registered and they picked it up and you can complete the offer.

If it did not show up as pending, then don't do it, log back out, back in and try again.

You can email them if none of them registered, but from past experience, there is nothing they can do, usually, because they have no proof then that you signed up thru their site.

And, if it doesn't show you signed up thru them, then they won't get paid from the advertisers ( thus they won't usually pay out since they didn't get paid )

The only other thing I can think of is that you are logging into the wrong site.

Is it the EXACT same url you registered with last night?

You need to be logging in thru the page that has the exact same gift you signed up for when you registered.

Keep me posted on what they say when you email them.

Jacqueline said...

Carrie, Thank you so much for your help!! I am so sorry to have wasted your time, but I just realized the link wasn't exactly the same. I'm so sorry!

- Jacqueline.

Carrie @ said...

Not a waste of time at all!

I am just SOOO glad that was all it was...yay!!

Glad it worked out for you!