Monday, July 20, 2009

60 Free Prints - PEphoto

As you know, I love to introduce everyone to new sites that give out free photo prints!

I do this, because I know we all have gobs of images either stored on our cameras or computer that need printed. And, if we can get them for next to nothing, then I am happy!

If you ever want to see a listing of all the sites I have listed for free prints, click here or go to my Free Photos button in my left menu bar.

Today, I would like to introduce you to PEphoto.

Currently, you can get 60 free prints and then some. Let me explain.
  • First, you will want to go here to PEphoto to begin uploading your pictures
  • Upload at least 84, unless you want doubles on some of your photos
  • Go to checkout with 84 photos and use code FE4625PS
  • You will have to pay shipping ( unless you live in NY or NJ and go pick up at a local store ). Mine came to $4.99
  • You WILL be paying for the extra prints over 60 ( since your ordered 84 ), and it brings your total with shipping to around $6.43, or 7 cents a print. Why did I have you order extra prints? Well, they have a $5 minimum order qualification. This means, if your order is below $5 ( 60 prints only come to $3.60 ) they then charge you the additional fee to get to $5.00 ( so they put a fee of $1.40 on your order ). To bypass the fee, you order the extra prints to get you to $5 and actually get photos for the money.

Finish checking out, and enjoy your cheap prints. I ordered mine last night, so I look forward to receiving them soon.

Don't forget to get your 100 free prints from See Here, too. They have increased the amount of prints they are offering for new customers, and it is huge. Not many sites giveaway 100 free photos to new members. Use code prints.

Click here for your 100!!!

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