Saturday, July 18, 2009

Free Back Pack for Back to School!

Backpack, backpack ( I am singing the Dora the Explorer tune while I type this )!!

I am extremely excited for this great promotion from Staples! My son has carried the same backpack the last 2 years of school, and there are now holes in the bottom! Time for a new one! And, my daughter will be beginning Kindergarten, so she needs something, too.

As you may have noticed over the last few weeks, I have been sharing many of the loyalty programs and newsletters that stores offer. I do this because of all the great incentives and freebies you can get, just for being on their mailing list or a part of their frequent shopper programs.

And, this is another great example!

Here is the deal:

Join the Staples Rewards Program here and between Sunday, July 19th and July 25th you can claim the following back to school deals:

  • Buy a backpack, get 100% of the cost back in Staples Rewards ( it is like getting it free! )
  • Mechanical Pencils - Free after Easy Rebate
  • Black Gel Pens - Free after Easy Rebate
  • Retractable Highlighters - Free after Easy Rebate
  • And, much more!!

To see the full ad for Staples, go here.

Thanks, Lori ( go check her site Moms By Heart out ) for letting me know about this wonderful promotion!!

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Macomb Money Savers said...

Just an FYI:
I learned today at Staples that you will not see this reward until October. Backpacks are priced aroudn $29.99 and up, with one variety (if there are any left) at $9.99.

SavinMaven said...

Just a heads up for those who joined OfficeMax when you first posted. If you haven't used your rewards, they will expire next month.