Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wow! New Netblue and Nuitech Online Offers!

I could hardly believe it today! A few Netblue ads came back up!!

I haven't even had any Netblue on my site for awhile and have been waiting for some new ones. And, Nuitech, well they have been the same old ones forever, it seems.

So, I decided to go ahead and post the new ones today. So often, these Netblue and Nuitech ones go up and come back down so quickly that I didn't want anyone to miss out.

If you have been waiting to try an offer from one of these companies, you may want to sign up now and get started before they disappear.

Remember, to read more on Online Offers and how I make thousands with them, click here. And, depending on what company you do ( Netblue or Nuitech ) you will want to read their specific directions. But, also read your terms/conditions, too. Things can change from the last time I updated my tutorial, so you will want to verify. All of this information can be found on the Online Offers web page.



And, don't worry, I will bring all new offers I find over the weekend, as usual.

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megs92 said...

Thanks so much for posting these! Do you have any idea how much the Southwest ticket prize is worth? You have to complete 12 offers for the tickets and that seems like a LOT for what I would imagine is $400 worth of tickets. I know you've written in the past that the larger NetBlue offers aren't as worth it as the smaller ones. Any thoughts on these? I've been itching to do another online offer, but I can't decide which one to do...

Short On Cents said...

the total amount you can do is $1000 through one site can you do a $500 and several little one that add up to $1000 or is it just two per site.

Carrie @ said...


I honestly have no idea if they will send us money or actual plane tickets.

This is a new offer I haven't seen before, so it will be fun to see.

If you need to know before you start, definitely email them first to ask what type of plane tickets you will get or how much they will be worth.

Carrie @ said...

Short on Cents,

Which company are you asking about, as it is different for each one.

megs92 said...

Thanks, Carrie! I looked for their e-mail through the offer website, but it looks as if I have to sign up first before I can e-mail them (i.e. I have to input the e-mail address I sign up with on the "contact us" form). Do you have any idea where I could find a direct e-mail address? If not, I'll consider creating a new e-mail addy and signing up to see... Thanks again! ~Megan

Misty said...


are the netblue ones still good? meaning I don't see them on your online offers page, but are the links in this post still good??