Thursday, May 28, 2009

Old Navy Shopping Spectacular!

Here is a picture of what I got at Old Navy yesterday during their 50% off already reduced price merchandise!

My savings came to 74% off for all the clothes, so almost at my target "sale shopping" savings mark. I saved my family $141.61!

Want to learn how I save my family money and keep myself from "overspending" on sale items? Click here to read my Sale Shopping tips and tricks.

My goal is always to try and be at 75% off or more. But, as you can tell, I do fluctuate a bit and was willing to take 74% off. For the year, though, when I averaged ALL my sale shopping finds, I am at 77% off. So, I am doing better than planned. Yay!

This trip allowed me to start my "school shopping" for my son. I have already picked up quite a few other finds for my daughter over the last few months. In fact, I think Limited Too/Justice still has a few deeply clearanced items ( they only had a couple the other day ) if you want to check for yourself. Here is my original post on their recent blowout.

And, I also picked up a few sweaters for my daughter to add to her Christmas gifts.

Old Navy currently has their items marked down and then you will get another 50% off the lowest marked price. The racks are clearly marked, which is very nice and made it a breeze to run in and out with my loot.

When I talked to them, I was told the sale would run thru Saturday. But, call your store to verify. You can click here to find your local store's phone number.

How did I do on prices?

Well, I got 3 polo shirts for my 6 year old son, priced $2.49 to $2.99! I got two hooded sweatshirts for $4.99. He likes to wear these over T-shirts with jeans to school. And, those three hooded sweaters for my daughter? They were just over $3!

I also picked up two matching baby outfits for a girlfriend who just had twins. I got each for just over $3, too.

Hope you are able to find some great goodies and mark some more family/friends off your yearly shopping list, too!

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Emily said...

I LOVE this sale! I always wardrobe my kids for the next season on this sale. Thanks for the heads up!!

From Bottle to Box said...

Much better than the $1 flip flops! Shopping trips like that feel amazing!

Kelly H said...

GUYS!!! You can also go to Oldnavyweekly dot com to print off Old Navy coupons. There are several different denominations- just click around on the site until you find one you like. Only one per email address, though. You can use these with the clearance items. Carrie- maybe you can print one off and take the clothes back to the store, return and "rebuy" them. You'll for sure hit your 75% goal!

Carrie @ said...


You are so right.

I actually had a coupon from a receipt ( if you answer the survey, they give you a code for 10% off on your next trip )

They should print out on your receipt. The survey usually only takes me a few minutes and then I file the receipt with the code they give me for my next trip.

I did not add that savings in the price in my post, because I figured most readers wouldn't have that coupon...but thanks for the coupon reminder on their site

What a great way for everyone to get extra savings!