Monday, April 13, 2009

Time to Stock Up on Girls Clearanced Clothes

I was so excited this weekend when I found all these great deals on girls clothes!!

Considering I have a sweet little gal, I am always on the look out for deals on clothes for her. And, I really would like to find deals on clothes for her so I am prepared for her starting Kindergarten this fall.

And now, I have part of her shopping done!

If you are new to my blog, you know one of the methods I use to save money and impact my families finances is Sale Shopping. And, I do this all year long for all occasions. At the beginning of the year ( you can do this now if you haven't ) I put together a list of all people I will need to buy for during the year, the occasion, the value of the gift I would like, and then the amount spent.

My goal is to buy products at 75% off or better!!! And, I make my list for everything. From birthdays to Christmas...from teacher gifts to school shopping....from baby showers to weddings....I list it all.

By doing this, I save my family thousands of dollars every year! And, I keep myself from overspending by having my list. Otherwise I might buy the store out when I find clearance items!

So, my daughter's school clothes are on my list!! If I can get her Fall clothes that she will fit in ( since she has already outgrown last year's ) for next to nothing, I am all about that!

So....what is today's deal?
Shop Justice Just for Girls

Justice ( Limited Too ) Clearance Items
  • Click here to go to Justice.
  • Once there, go to the Clearance section
  • Click thru each category and search lowest price to highest
  • When checking out, use code 817 to get an extra 30% off. ( I got $5.38 off, which was more than my $5 it was like getting Free Shipping )

What are the best deals?

  • Short Sleeve Uniform Polo - Regular $22.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 87%
  • Our Favorite Long Sleeve Tee - Regular $11.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 74%
  • Printed Layer Me Tee - Regular $14.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 79%
  • Long Sleeve Uniform Polo - Regular $26.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 89%
  • V Neck Long Sleeve Tee - Regular $19.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 85%
  • Dot Scoop Long Sleeve Tee - Regular $19.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 85%
  • Crew Neck Long Sleeve Tee - Regular $19.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 85%
  • Embellished Scoop Long Sleeve Tee - Regular $19.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 85%
  • Solid Cable V - Neck Sweater - Regular $26.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 89%
  • Long Sleeve Uniform Shirt - Regular $26.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 89%
  • Pleated Uniform Skort - Regular $29.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 90%
  • A-Line Uniform Skirt - Regular $29.50 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 90%
  • Uniform Jumper - Regular $32.99 - Clearance $2.99 - Savings 91%

I hope you can find some goodies for your girly, too! And, remember, always keep your eyes open for wonderful items you can buy and mark off your annual shopping list, too!

Please note: I found this deal on another blog..but I was reading thru them all so quickly over the weekend that I didn't mark down where I found it. If you posted a deal on Justice, please email me so I can check to see if it was your site and give you the proper credit! I do apologize for the oversight on my part!

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Rachel said...

I just posted a ton of Amazon majorly discounted baby stuff, childrens items, toys, and games on my site. Many of these are more than half off.

Feel free to use any of these, just link back to me and let people know where you found it.

Cha Ching Queen

Rachel from Texas said...

Mine is starting in the fall too... makes me want to cry LOL