Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Survey Stats & New Survey Company - Permission Research

I had another promising week of taking surveys. I have really gotten into a groove and am enjoying this "testing" period for myself and all of you.

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Some have asked me how I am getting all my screeners in a day, etc. But, I really only get about 5 to 9 a day. I keep my "surveys" email up on my PC for most of the day. And, as I walk by my computer room (while straightening up, etc ) I have been doing one screener at at a time. Most take anywhere from 20 seconds to a few minutes to see if I qualify. If I do, then I need to set aside the appropriate amount of time to take the survey.

I did get a bit behind and have 11 setting in my email account right now due to not logging onto my PC over the Holiday weekend, but I hope to get caught up a bit today.

Permission Research

First, let me introduce you to a new survey company, Permission Research.

You will notice,the site says you can download software that will track your activity online. You are free to do this, and will get access to other free benefits by doing this.

Or, you can choose to skip this part and just sign up to receive survey invitations.

When you sign up, simply go thru the pages to enroll. Then, on the last page it will ask if you want to download software. I skipped this part. There is a button that allows you to bypass this section.

Now, you are simply enrolled with Permission Research and will begin to receive invites in your "survey" inbox for surveys to earn points. The points can then be redeemed for gifts.

Would you like to join Permission Research, too? Click here.

Now, how did I do last week?

Survey Stats

In addition, I received $5 in the mail last week from My Survey for taking surveys. Remember, this site gives you points even if you don't qualify.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad I used your idea to set up a separate email for surveys. It is SOOOOOOOOO much easier to stay on top of them. Now I can quickly go through them and decide what to do -- instead of going BACK to them in my other email to find they were closed.
I spend LESS time and make MORE money now!!!!

Also - on the e-rewards, be sure to check out the expiration date. I got caught on that one. ALL of your credits expire somewhere around your anniversary date.

I didn't notice that and lost over $40. I had JUST TAKEN some surveys too - but couldn't decide what to spend my $$$ on - so I was going to wait and let it build to $50.

Next time I logged in - I had LOST the credits - even the ones more recently earned.

Dang! Should have spent them earlier.

I would have thought you might lose OLD credits - but I spend mine every few months. But nope - there is a certain date that they all go away and you start over.

No big loss I guess. I then canceled my account - and opened a new one though Upromise. Was always going to do that, but was waiting until my balance was spent.

And I am already shooting back up there in credits! Did one survey the other day that credited $22. Of course it is not quite that much in Upromise $$$ - but it shot me toward that $50 mark that make a Upromise cash out good.


Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that My Survey is becoming more user friendly?

I sure think so.

They used to have those surveys that made you feel like you had been sucked through a vortex - that just went on and on and on...with no way of knowing if you would be done by the end of the month...

It was the only survey site where I HOPED I didn't qualify... I would see that thing that said I qualified for the larger survey and groan.

But they have made some changes and I actually look forward to their surveys again.


Carrie @ said...

I agree, I think My Survey is one of my favorites.

I also like Testspin.

Even though you don't get credit for the prescreeners, their prescreeners usually only take a few moments to find out whether or not you qualify.

That I can handle.

Carrie @ said...


Lightspeed Panel points also expire. So, I try to cash out everytime I get to a threshold...just so I don't forget and lose any money.