Friday, May 15, 2009

$10 Gift Certificate for ADHD Study

Update: Survey is now closed!

Unfortunately, ADHD has become a very common issue among children. In fact, a number of my son's friends have this condition, as well as classmates at his school.

Well, St. John's University is conducting a study and will pay you via a $10 Gift Certificate to participate regarding the treatment methods for children and the parents perceptions of them.

Click here to access the survey and take part.

In addition, if you don't qualify for this survey and want to begin earning money via surveys you can click here or go to my Surveys button in the left menu bar at any time. I have survey companies I recommend listed, or you can click on the images in the side bar on that page.

I have been really trying to track my surveys the last few weeks to see how many prescreeners I take, how many I qualify for and how much I earn, so everyone can have a clearer idea of what to expect. I will post this weeks results next week after the week is finished.

But, I was happy to say I reached my point limit for a $5 Chili's Gift Card last week with Lightspeed Panel. So, I cashed out this week. And, I then qualified for another survey at 75 points and added with what was leftover when I cashed out, I almost have enough for another $5 Gift Card ( so maybe soon ). Want to register with Lightspeed Panel, too? Click here.

This week, I took 3 prescreeners with them and only qualified for one survey and earned the 75 points I mentioned above.

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SAHM Life and Money said...

FYI - the survey is closed now.