Friday, May 15, 2009

Little Viewpoints - $3 to update your Profile

Have you checked your "surveys" email account yet today?

If so and you are a local reader in Cincinnati or the surrounding areas, you may have remembered when I discussed Little Viewpoints last year. If not, then this is a great time to sign up now.
Little Viewpoints is a Market Research company here in Southern Ohio. And as you know, Market Research is a great way to make extra money. Unlike surveys where you usually answer questions online, Market Research usually requires your presence at a local facility to test products, review items or answer questions.

On top of that, the usually pay ALOT more!

Last year, I got paid $100 to go view a political video on Global Warming. They provided dinner and I was there for a couple hours. On the way out the door, they handed me an envelope with my money. It is nice, you get paid immediately usually.

Another time, I had a taste test for snacks. Yum! Even my son has done cereal testing and got paid $10. He was very excited!

Today, I was excited because I had an email from Little Viewpoints asking me to update my profile and they would send me a check for $3 within 2 to 4 weeks! Yay!

So, I updated my info and it took all of about 5 minutes.

If you had already signed up, please check your inbox today for the invite.

Want to sign up with Little Viewpoints and be invited to future research studies? Click here.

They are in need of expectant mothers right now, too, so if you know of anyone that fits that description...send them here.

In addition, I am going to try and start a new series on Market Research companies. I plan to run it like the Mystery Shopping post I do weekly and bring us all a new company weekly. I, myself, would like to register with more companies, so this will give me the incentive. So, stay tuned!

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Thanks....I will be checking this one out too!