Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making your Own Free/Cheap Photo Cards!!

Did you love the 6 free Photo Valentine's Cards I posted about here? Did you not take advantage of them yet? You better. Mine came today and they are ADORABLE! I love them.

Well, I couldn't leave my eldest son out. He has to pass out Valentine's to his 1st grade class, to his Sunday school class, etc. So, I needed quite a bit. I ordered 40, just to be safe.

So, how do I get 40 Photo Cards for basically nothing? I use all the free print offers from the photo companies!

The first key is you must have photo editing software. I, personally, have Photoshop and love it.

Next, find a picture you love of your child and create a masterpiece.

I created the one above last night by myself. Yes, it isn't fancy ( we all know my design knowledge is limited ) , but my son thought it was pretty nifty. So, he was happy. I am also going to wrap some tootsy rolls up with black and yellow construction paper to look like a bee and cut out some pink hearts for wings...courtesy of scrapgirls. Click here.

Not crafty enough to come up with your own design?? Then, click here to go to scrapgirls. Once there, go to their Boutique tab. Type Valentine. It will pull gobs of items back, but I then sort by price in ascending order. I loved a lot of the Easy Pro Pages and plan to make some more Valentine's for my daughter. And, they are on sale for $1.66 right now!! You can use them over and over! Woo, hoo!

Now, you can use those templates to add your son or daughter's photo and then add some text! Wa, la!

The kicker, make sure you create your card in the size of 4X6, so you will have to size down the templates!!

Why? Because you are going to order your cards as photos from all the photo sites. I did this with my lasts son's baby announcements and loved them. When I got them home, I added ribbon to them, to dress them up a bit. Just like I plan to add the bees to my son's Valentine.

So, I ordered Brady's Valentine's today on one of the sites I haven't used before and had 50 free print credits! So, I paid shipping of just under $3 for 40 Personalized Photo Valentine's Cards! Can't hardly beat that! It is much cheaper than if I bought generic Valentine's from the store.

Which sites can you order your free photos ( cards ) from? Click here to go to my Free Photo webpage and find one that suits you. Or, you can the Free Photos button at anytime by going to my left side bar.

Or, one of the best deals right now is the York Photo deal happening. They have 50 prints for a Buck! Click here for the details.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Camille said...

LOL! That is EXACTLY what I just did for my son's birth announcement. I designed them using MS Publisher, saved as a JPG, and used all those free prints during the holidays to get all my announcements for PENNIES!They looked great and I received many compliments. I'll probably do it again for our Christmas cards next year!

Anonymous said...

You can also put four pictures on a 4x6 and have really cheap wallet sized prints.

Carrie @ said...

That is a great idea. I never thought about wallet size cards. :-)

David and Jen said...

Thank you so much for the reminder to take advantage of these. I attempted after your first post, and I encountered one problem after another with the website. However, after some more finagling and frustration, I was able to order my free cards, and I know they will be worth it. We are using them for relatives on Valentines Day to announce that we are expecting!

Jenny said...

I just got my 6 free Valentine's yesterday! They turned out so cute! Thanks for the heads up about the deal. said...

We did this for our birth announcements, Christmas cards and valentine's! Great post!

Tia said...

I got my free Valentine's today and they turned out great! Thanks for this new idea I had never thought of it. I love your blog, keep the info coming :)