Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Things We Do.....

Do you ever wonder about the little things you do for others and how they affect them? I think sometimes we are too busy in our day to day lives to really stop and think that a simple smile to someone at the grocery store could make a difference in their day. Probably, more times than not, they will forget you smiled as soon as they walk away, but does mean something to someone.

Or, that you took the time to talk with someone, or help them or give them a hug. We never know what is going on in someone's life, so sometimes...the smallest thing can make someone's day.

And, that happened to me today.

This person ( who I will introduce you to soon ) had no idea that I had spent hours..into the wee morning...a few nights ago trying to create my button for the post I was going to do on my Blog Roll. Nor, did she have any idea how unhappy I was with it...but I had just given up and said this will have to do! It is so frustrating to devote a chunk of time to something you don't even end up liking!

So today, this lovely reader left a comment saying she had emailed me awhile back ( hey, found the email by the went to my bulk ) asking if she could make me a button. She had figured out how to do them and was excited and thought of my blog. I never read her I wish I had.

Wow...I was touched when I read her comment today. And, sure, I could take any help available. I was thinking she was going to possiby begin trying to create one for me over the next week or so.

So, she writes me back with my button ALREADY done. When she was learning how to do buttons and had done her own, she then thought of my blog and did one for me. ( now mind you, I have never met Jenny in person....just via my blog ). She even matched it up to the colors of my site AND appropriately has money coming out of an envelope. We all know how I love going to the mailbox every day!

The fact that she had been setting on this button she created for me for quite awhile literally made my eyes well up with tears. After all the frustration I had gone thru, for someone else to actually think of me, out of the goodness of her heart, and create it...just to be kind...simply touched me.

And, you may all be laughing at me. But, my point is this, you NEVER know when you are going to do something for someone that truly, truly means alot to them. And, we touch other peoples lives everyday. Are we doing the most for others? Are we showing kindness and love? Are we caring individuals?

Well, Jenny definitely is. And, to heartfelt thanks!!! I love my new button! It is perfect.

You can go to my post from yesterday and I swapped it out for the one I had created, and I also put it in my sidebar. I apologize to those that posted the other button today. I had no idea I would have another one by the end of day!

So, before I go, I want to introduce you to Jenny.

She is currently the author of Our Nifty Notebook. It is a wonderful blog about her life as a mommy and homeschooling and some deals thrown in for good measure. And, right now, she is running a giveaway on a free button. Yeah! So, if any of you fellow bloggers were as desperate as me, go enter! Her's is adorable. I have posted it below! Click here to go visit Jenny!

And, to Jenny...thanks for making my night!

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Andrea @ Mommy said...

How sweet is that!!! Your blog looks great too Carrie so you should be proud. But, I think Jenny did an awesome job with that button - it looks perfect on here!

monacutest said...

Aww, Carrie, that's just so sweet of her! I actually tried to put your button yesterday to my blog... but it didn't work out. So thanks to jenny, I can put your button now.

THanks for sharing this Carrie.

Cent With Love said...

That is so sweet, Carrie! It looks great, too :) I'll be adding it to my blog today.

Jenny said...

You made MY day, Carrie! Thank you for the awesome thank you! LOL!

Annabell said...

I know how hard any kind of buttons are... I've been tinkering with them and finally was able to create those link areas (don't know proper terms) on the top of my blog. That is very, very sweet for her to do that. I too believe why not save someone else time if you've mastered it.
Love your blog!

Red lady-Bonnie said...

What an amazing button...perfect for your blog! That was so nice of Jenny. I just entered her giveaway...would love a button. I have not made one yet and would love to have one. said...

OH YEA BABE I love your button! you should be like sending her some MAJOR LOVE HOSTESS GIFTY OR SOMETHING! I haven't been lucky enough to have one made for me (or by myself) that I like well enough, well for that matter I cannot come up with a good theme for my page either UGH, I will send ya a button if I ever come up with one remember I was going to do the same thing & we talked about it, well I am BEHIND as usual!

Carrie @ said...


Go enter Jenny's contest. You never know...she might be able to make a button for you, too. And, maybe give you some theme ideas.

Although, you site has so much content...I don't even think you need a theme!!! It works just the way it is.