Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Up to $250 Bonus from WTDirect

WTDirect Winter Bonus Blast! Get a bonus of up to $250* when you open a WTDirect Account today!

Thru tomrrow, December 31st, you can get up to a $250 Bonus from WTDirect when you open one of their High Interest Savings Accounts.

This bonus is not for the weak of heart ( or funds ) as you have to put a very substantial amount into your account to reap the benefit. BUT, if you have this much in a low interest savings account right now, this is the time to move it over.

They are currently paying 3.06% on accounts over $10,000, which is better than most local brick and mortar banks in my area. In addition, the bonus on top is like icing on the cake.

Details on this offer are as follows:
  • Click here to open a new account and use promo code WTG3DNC
  • Must be a new customer to WTDirect
  • Link your current bank account up to WTDirect during the application process
  • Fund your account by an online transfer by 12/31/08
  • Earn your bonus. $250 for an average 50,000 balance, $200 for an average $40,000 balance, $150 for an average $30,000 balance, $100 for an average $20,000 balance and $50 for an average of $10,000 balance. Average balances are calculated from 1/1-2/28
  • Bonus will hit your account in Mid-March

This bonus too much of an investment? Don't forget that both of the Sharebuilder $50 codes expire tomorrow, too. So, if you haven't finished the process of enrolling for this, you need to get on it today or tomorrow. And, the nice thing on this one...it is only an investment of $5 for the $50 bonus. :-) Click here to read more on the Sharebuilder process...my favorite. The codes for both $50 bonuses are ORANGE50CASH and INVEST50.

The $150 TDAmeritrade bonus is also evaporating tomorrow. Click here to get in on this deal. Great for jumpstarting your saving in 2009.

Finally, the $150 from National City is over on the 31st. Click here for this offer.

And, don't forget, you can click here or go to my Bank Offers webpage at anytime to see all current Bank Offers I have written about and how I make money off of this method.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think I will sit this one out.
But I opened LOTS of bank accounts within a few weeks and have ALREADY received:
$200 in free gas from US BANK (2 accounts), $125 from Chase Bank, $150 from Southwest Bank, $50 from ShareBuilder, and $25 from ING Savings.
Plus I got a $25 sign up bonus and a $25 referral bonus from College Advantage.
I am still on track to receive $200 from National City, $50 from ING electric Orange, $50 more from Sharebuilder, $25 from Etrade,$100 from Sovereign Bank, and $50 from Bank of America.

I still have to talk to Commerce Bank and see what I have to do to qualify for the bonuses they are offering, sign up for Bank of America Keep the Change Program, and open a TD Ameritrade Account (the web page is currently saying the bonus is valid for accounts opened by 6/1/09.)
Lots and Lots of thanks to Money Saving Methods for all the tips!!!