Monday, December 8, 2008

Paypal & Blockbuster Provide Profit to You!

I have spoken of this deal in the past, and it is such a fun one. Click here to read about past promotions.

Not only do you get to watch some movies for free, but you make money! What is better than that?

In fact, I just had readers notify me that they got their money in their Paypal account from the last time I posted this deal. And, this time the deal is even worth more! Yeah!

First, to get started, you MUST click this link here to get in on this deal. It will not work from any other Blockbuster link, unfortunately.

Once you have entered their site, you want to click on the See All Available Plans underneath the $9.99 plan.

Then, find the $3.99 a month plan.

Finally, click the Paypal button to pay and checkout.


  • New Members Only
  • Paypal member Only
  • You MUST remain a paying member for at least 1 mo past the trial ( $3.99...if you stay a member only one month )
  • Your $25 dollars will hit your Paypal account 6 to 8 weeks after promotion ends
  • Promotion ends December 22, 2008

So, how much will you make? $21.01 PLUS 2 Free Movies a month.

For all my new readers who aren't used to my organization method, here are some helpful ways to ensure you always cancel memberships to take advantage of freebies such as these.

I HIGHLY advise marking it in 3 places, if available. Most email accounts have calendars you can enter events, and an email will be sent to you on the appropriate day. So, first mark that calendar for the cancellation date.

Next, I put a quick note on my cell phone calendar so it rings and reminds me on that day.

Finally, I quickly enter it in my day planner ( write it in ).

Why do I do this? From past experience of having my computer crash ( and not knowing what I needed to cancel that week ). And, if I wrote it only in my planner, well, I could lose that. Even if you don't want to do it in 3 places like me, least 2 spots. It is always beneficial to have a back up so you don't ever get overcharged by forgetting to cancel.

And, by the way, Blockbuster is very easy. You simply do it online in a few clicks. No hassle at at all.

Now, who needs to go to the movie theatre when they can get paid to watch movies at home!! Right?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie
Say I sign up today, Dec. 9, I stay until Jan 9 for the free trial and another month for the promo which is until Feb 9. Do I have to cancel right on Feb 9th or after that date?

Janell said...

does this work if you already have a blockbuster account that you pay for each month with debit card?

Carrie @ said...

I thought the free trial was only 2 weeks...are you sure it is a month?

Either way, figure out when the free trial ends. It says you cannot cancel within the first month, so I would cancel exactly on the last day,as I believe they bill you for the next month ON the first day of the next month.

Carrie @ said...


You can try. It does say new customers only.

I do believe, you can use different email addresses and they set up new accounts..use a spouses name...but you may or may not get the credit.

Since it says new customers only, I can't guarantee anything. I am not sure if they mean new customer ( person ) or new customer ( household ).

If just by person, if your spouse were to set it up, then you could potentially still get the credit.

You could write Blockbuster and find out.

Carrie @ said...

Oh, and Janell, if you do write them and find anything...would you mind letting us know???

E said...

I am also confused if I have to keep it for 1 mo free or 1 mo free + 1 mo paid.

Also, what is the service? Do I tell them to ship me particular movies in my Queue and then they send them? And then I have to return to a particular store?

E said...

I am also wondering about the 1 mo free + 1 mo paid, or just 1 mo free.

Also, how does the service work? I put movies in my queue, they send them to me at random times, and then I return to a particular location?

Carrie @ said...


You MUST remain a member for one month PAID. Hence, you have to pay the $3.99 ( or whatever plan you pick ).

The service is great. You pick your movie and they ship it almost immediately. Then, when you are done, you put it back in the mailbox and they ship it back for you. You can keep the movies as long as you want ( as long as you are still a member ) No late fees.

Stef said...

Do you know how quickly this shows up in your paypal account?


Also, I am kind of confused as to how paypal works....I just set my account up. Right now I just have a credit card on I need to have a checking account on file with paypal to get money for this offer or from places like Big Crumbs??

Carrie @ said...

Hi Stef,

The $25 will be deposited into your account 6 to 8 weeks AFTER the promotion ends. So, it ends on the 22nd, so I would mark it off on your calendar to remind you can make sure your money arrives by then.

In regards to Paypal..definitely link a checking account. That way, when money is loaded ( this bonus...Big Crumbs refunds) you can do an instant withdrawal to your checking account.

They will then transfer the money directly to your checking for you. It takes a couple of days.

Stef said...

Hi carrie,

Just wondering if you received your payment...I never got mine.



Carrie @ said...


I couldn't take part, because I had been a past member of Blockbuster, and it was only for new members. But, when this offer was out in the past, the bonuses came thru for everyone that I talked to.

Did you contact Paypal yet? What did they say?

If they did not resolve, simply open a complaint with the BBB against Paypal. They will work it out with Paypal then.

Trisha said...


I didn't get $25 deposited into my Paypal account either. I contacted Blockbuster via email thru their site and got the following response "I understand that your issue regarding with your Paypal account was not resolve yet. Our record shows that your mode of payment was still a Paypal account. In order for us to credit the $25 in your account, I may suggest you change your payment method into credit card for us to refund it to your account."

I'm sending them a response because this makes absolutely no sense. The gist of the promo was to get a $25 Paypal credit, not $25 on a credit card.

I will keep you posted on how this turns out.