Monday, December 8, 2008

$5 or more Free from Upromise & Liberty Mutual

Let me start by asking you a question.

Do you have a Upromise account?

I hope the answer to that question is yes, but I fear it may be no for many of you. When talking to a group of Moms in my area, I was surprised to find out that many of them did not have an account.

And, if you aren't a parent, already a grandparent or never have any plans to have kids....Upromise is STILL for you! Why? Because you can choose to set an account up and your money can be used for anyone you want. Or, you can withdraw it. Since it is a program to help save for College, they do hope you will take that money and invest it for schooling, but...

If you aren't aware what Upromise is, it is a program that pays members for shopping in stores and online, eating out, filling up their gas tanks, using electronic coupons and even taking surveys. It is a wonderful program.

Now, don't let me fool you. You aren't going to make a living off of Upromise or anything, but if you know my philosophy...every little bit counts. I love the word snowflaking, as they call it, when all the small money making and saving techniques you use can be added together to make the overall impact to your family something worth talking about!! Just as each little snowflake is needed to have enough to cover my yard! :-)

Some Important Program Details

First, sign up here. If you are new, please use promotional code 5Tylenol. You will get a $5 bonus in your account. Yeah. You already made money.

Update: There are reports coming in that 5Tylenol is no longer working, even though it is still posted on Tylenol's webpage. You can either email customer service at Upromise and Tylenol to get it resolved or try code 3Glass for a $3 Bonus. This one is from Glass Plus and posted on their website.

If you have other members in your family, register them, too. You can link them together later, if you want.

Next, you need to immediately register all your shopping cards. For example, if you have a Kroger card, CVS card, etc. That way, everytime you shop and scan your card, if you buy a participating product, you will get money back in your account.

Don't forget to register all your credit cards, too. That way if you fill up at a participating gas station ( Exxon/Mobil, I believe ) or eat at a restaurant in their program, you will get money back off of that, too.

Then, go to eCoupons. This is the spot where you need to reload ( each month ) the new eCoupons. Then, if you buy that product, that eCoupon will automatically be refunded to your Upromise account AND they stack with manufacturer coupons and other electronic coupons, such as By the way, the December eCoupons are now out there, so make sure to go upload them for all past members.

Finally, thanks to Janet F. for reminding me about E Rewards. Make sure to register with them thru your Upromise account. Now, you can begin to take surveys and earn money for your account. Click here to read my original post on E Rewards. Or, for a $2 sign up bonus, click here. Hey, now you are up to $7, if you are a new member.

How do you get you $5 Free from Liberty Mutual/Upromise?

For all of you who are already a member of Upromise and just want the $5 bonus, log into your account. New member? Do the same.

Click on the Earn Rewards tab and go to Auto. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see the button for Liberty Mutual.

You then have the option to call, get a quote online or actually meet with an agent. I, because it was easiest, did my quote online.

Make sure to get your quote number!!

Once you are done with this ( it doesn't take long, so don't worry ), then you click on the Register Now button on the Auto page to enter your quote ID. $5 Bonus will be sent to your account.

Easy money!

Please note: Insurance offer is not available to residents of AL, GA, MA, ME, MO, NJ, NY, NV or UT.

Also, thanks to all the comments below. Rebecca let us know that, You can earn a $5 contribution for each auto, home, and renters insurance requested in each 6 month period.

So, I am marking my calendar for 6 months from now to do this again. As well, I am going to log back in this evening to do a home insurance quote next.

And, if you have been a long time reader, you KNOW I love quotes from Auto agencies when they pay me. Always read your junk mail. I just recently got a mailer for a $20 payment if I got a quote from Allstate. So, of course, I called. It took all of a few minutes to earn $20.

Also, it is very important to check your insurance rates each year. Click here to see how I got our Auto Insurance lowered by hundreds for the year. Well worth the few minutes it took me to set up the new account and get the quote to have an extra couple hundred in my hands

So, for all new members, you can make $12.

For those of us that have been members for awhile, $5. Yeah! As usual, I'll take it!


jenn_playgroupreject said...

hey Carrie -
that promo code "5Tylenol" isn't being accepted-
thanks, Jenn

Carrie @ said...


It should still be working.

Here is the link from Tylenol.

Try doing it without the capital T.

Did you get an error message when you put it in?


Cent With Love said...

I just did this but unfortunately, the reward is not valid in my state. I got the following msg. when I tried to input my code:

Due to insurance regulations, reward contribution offer is not available to residents of AL, GA, MA, ME, MO, NJ, NY, NV or UT.

jenn_playgroupreject said...

that would explain the "not valid" message - It's not available in Jersey! thanks!

Rebecca L said...

I just read the "offer details" on the $5 bonus for getting a quote. In the FAQ section I found the following information:

Q--If I request a quote for more than one type of insurance, can I earn a $5 contribution for each?

A--Yes! You can earn a $5 contribution for each auto, home, and renters insurance requested in each 6 month period.

This might be helpful to someone!

Lolly said...

The tylenol code is not working for me either... I've tried it upper and lower case.

Lolly said...

An error message comes up saying the promotion is not valid.

Carrie @ said...

Well, you have a couple options.

You can email Upromise support, since Tylenol still has the $5 bonus code on their website ( email Tylenol, too ) and state what happened, and see what they do.

Send them the link I have above that goes directly to the Tylenol page.

Or, You can use the Beechnut code that is on their site right now. It is only for $2, but better than nothing. BN2

Carrie @ said... is an even better one.

3Glass from Glass Plus for $3

Nichole D. said...

I am a upromise member and also noticed a cable deal (I think the company was time warner). I don't know all the details, but if you get an account you get $50.00. Also if you sign up for netflix you get $12.00. Just an FYI.

Carrie @ said...

Those are good deals...but if you plan to ever do the online offers, you may want to save Netflix for that ( as they only let you get credit once ).