Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super Saturday Savings! Make Money Renting Movies!

Blockbuster Total Access - 2 Week Free Trial

I am pleased to say that this great find is all due to Cristy Creations ( do you have a blog Cristy, that you want to share? ) emailing me the details. In fact, Cristy emails me many great finds! So, keep them coming, Cristy. I always appreciate the emails, even if I don't always get them posted promptly!

Well, what she shared with me is that currently Blockbuster and Paypal have joined together to give you $15 free in your paypal account if you sign up for Blockbuster here. You MUST use that link!

How do you make money with this deal?

Well, Blockbuster has many different price plans. When you click here and enter their site, you can choose any of the plans showing OR you can click on the See All Available Plans underneath the $9.99 mo/plan.

This will take you to a page where you will see all available plans. Choose any plan you want, OR to make the most money, choose the $3.99 mo plan for 1 DVD at a time ( Limit 2 DVDs a mo ).

Then, click this plan and click the button to pay with Paypal. This will take you to a screen to log into your paypal account.

Once logged in, proceed thru the account sign up process for Blockbuster and complete your transaction. do you get your $15?
  • New Members Only
  • Paypal member Only
  • You MUST remain a paying member for at least 1 mo past the trial ( $3.99...if you stay a member only one month )
  • Your $15 dollars will hit your Paypal account 6 to 8 weeks after promotion ends
  • Promotion ends November 18, 2008

So, get your free rentals for a month ( plus your free trial ) and make a profit of $11.01!

So, relax, grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy your movies. And, try not to spend your $11 in all one place! :-)


Anonymous said...

The Blockbuster Terms and conditions say you cannot cancel during the trial period OR in the first month.
Does that mean you have to keep it for two paid months? Or can you cancel on the first day of the second paid month?

Carrie @ said... want to be careful.

If you cancel DURING your first paid month and they refund your won't get the $15.

The first month has to be paid for.

You get an anniversary date ( I believe it explains it in the terms ) and you want to go based on that.

I, myself, always call companies or email them thru their contact page to get my specific "date" of when I will be billed for my 2nd month...and what is the last day I can cancel, if I decide not to continue...for example...can I cancel on the start of the 2nd month and get refunded the 2nd month membership fee? Or, do I need to call the day before?

It is kind of a gray area in their definitely email their customer service once you have your membership set up.

I will email Cristy to see if she can leave a comment and explain better. She already did this offer and got her money in her she will have a clearer cut picture.

Hope that makes sense.

Since I am already a member of Paypal, I couldn't sign up and take advantage...thus I haven't contacted them about the details of what exact day to cancel.

Anonymous said...

I am also already a Paypal member. I thought you could sign up for the offer as long as you were a new Blockbuster customer.

Carrie @ said...


As long as you are a new blockbuster member, it should work.

You just need to have a Paypal account in good standing to pay for the Blockbuster membership.

cristy said...

Just wanted to let everyone know that when I did this offer, I was planning on waiting until almost the end of my first month paid to cancel my membership, however, two weeks into the first month paid, I received my payment to my paypal account. Therefore, since I do not watch movies much, I cancelled around the third week into. I hope this clarifies any questions.