Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Freebie Frenzy

Big thanks to Bekah at Motherhood Moment for her weekly Freebie listing for us all!

Want to know what Bekah has been blogging about over at Motherhood Moment over the last week? Here is a brief highlight! Click on any link to go read more!

And, you will want to make sure you stop by throughout this week, as here are some of her upcoming posts!

  • Tips for defusing tantrums in younger kids
  • Toshiba's free electronics recycling program

As always, click here or go to the Freebies tab in my left menu bar at any time to see a list of all freebies. And, make sure to check out the side bars to take advantage of all the free coupon booklets, free samples. You can click on any of the pictures to request yours!

And, don't forget to take advantage of the Free Cell Phone Lip Gloss promotion. Click here. I will be organizing this until they take this freebie down!

Cash-Back Christmas Shopping plus Online Coupons Galore at Mr. Rebates!

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