Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mystery Shopping - Ath Power

You know, I realized recently that although I mentioned Mystery Shopping when I first started my blog at the beginning of this year, I have not focused on it at all since.

In fact, I have only done one shop this year, myself. Which is very sad! In years past, we have come home with over $400 worth of free dinners, money, etc. This year, I only made $12, because I only did one.

So, one of my New Years Resolutions ( early ) is to get back into Mystery Shopping. I did it for years, and loved it. This year, I got a little sidetracked with starting this blog. :-)

And, to motivate me and you, I am going to begin a weekly post where I introduce a new Mystery Shopping company to you each week and give you a bit of background. No guarantee on what day his post will appear, but I will definitely try to get this out there for all of us weekly.

In addition, I also now have a Mystery Shopping button in the left menu bar so you can access it at any time to read the ins and outs, pointers and techniques of Mystery Shopping, and also see all the companies I have listed. I would highly recommend clicking here now to read about mystery shopping before applying for this shop. That way, you are prepared for the sign up process.

I hope you find this new feature beneficial, and thanks to Jennifer for letting me know how helpful my original post on Mystery Shopping was...and reminded me of what I have been missing this year...Free Meals out with my Family!

So, today I am going to focus on Ath Power Consulting Corporation.

Click here to request a link to sign up from your "new" mystery shopping email address.

I had done one shop with this company, and they primarily focus on Bank shops. They pay on average from $9 to $12 for going "undercover" to the bank. Quite fun!

Recently, they had a shop available for going thru the Drive Up window and doing a transaction and noting what happens. It paid just shy of $10. Not bad if you are driving right by the bank anyway!

Once you sign up, make sure to check the Job Board immediately, as they currently have shops they need filled immediately.

And, welcome to the world of Mystery Shopping! You are going to love it!


Evelyn said...

Do you know if you need to be in a big city? My town only has 80,000 citizens with 120,000 people with the surrounding area.

K~ said...

Evelyn - that could work in your favor actually! There may not be any mystery shoppers near you or you might be eligible for quite a bit more money to drive to a city just outside your own.

Mystery Shopping is a blast! My purse is full of free packs of gum/candy from gas station shops, we have free pizza once a week and i've done a bit of christmas shopping at Aeropostale for free by doing their shops! I live in a large, busy city so my shops disappear fast!
I will definitely be watching for the companies you post!

Rachel @ Surviving The Stores said...

I just signed up for my first shop and I'm going to make $22! AND it should only take around 10 minutes! Wow!! Thanks Carrie!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand that i need to give out my SSN for tax purpose, however i don't feel comfortable signing up with tons of company and give out my SSN to tons of company. Was there any company who did not require a SSN by any chance? I mean if my income is under $600 from one company then the company does not report to IRS...

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

I have signed up for GOBS of companies, and as of yet...have had to give my SS# to them all.

The same holds true for most Online Offers, Bank Offers and even some of the Affiliate programs require this information from you.

If you have a tax ID instead, you can give that. They just have to have a way to report your earnings in CASE it gets to that amount.

I have a feeling it would be a lot of man power ( and it would ) to hunt down each person once they were nearing the dollar mark and ensure they get the paperwork.

They would have to stop paychecks, keep hounding people to give their number, etc, etc.

It is much easier and straightforward for them to gather this info at the start. Unfortunate for all of us, though.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

OH, I did want to add one more thing.

They don't give your social out to anyone. They pay your paycheck ( Ath Power ) and are the only ones that will see it.

For example, if you do a shop for Fifth Third, that bank pays Ath, then Ath pays you. So, Fifth Third will never see your social ( unless, of course, you are already a member of their bank )

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


You are fine.

Mystery shopping is everywhere. That is not to say this particular company will have any jobs in your area, but I still advise to always sign up with all companies.


Because as they get new clients, they may have jobs open up in your area and now you will know about it.

Each week, I will focus on a new company, and each company offers jobs in all different areas.

Carolyn said...

I live in WA and I signed up for ath and there's nothing on there for anything in WA. Will you be putting up a list soon? I thought you used to have a list of MS companies on your site but I can't find it now. Thanks!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


Still good you signed up. These companies constantly add new clients, and if they ever add one in WA, you want be on the list.

I plan to weekly give you additional companies to sign up for...one or two a week, at least.

I never did have a list, but if you go to the 2008 Savings/Earnings drop down on the right side, click on Mystery Shopping...I have a link in that post that will take you to many different options.