Wednesday, December 10, 2008

$10 off $10 or $15 off $15 to JcPenney

How much do I love $10 off $10 coupons? Alot.

What do I think of $15 off $15 coupons? Priceless.

But, dang it, if I didn't get that gem!

This is just a heads up that JcPenney mailed $10 off $10 coupons in the snail mail for select customers. No guarantees you will get it, BUT, as I always that junk mail!

Thanks to Janet for letting me know that they also sent out select email coupons for $15 off $15 to certain customers. I am saddened to say I did not receive this and am, in fact, quite jealous of Janet! :-) Just kidding...I am excited for those of you who got them. Read your "deals" email account, so you don't miss this coupon.

Make sure you sign up for JcPenney Rewards here. It is free! And, you never know, it may put you on more mailing lists. :-)

Want to make sure you get future $ off $ coupons from JcPenney? Click here to sign up for their newsletters.

Why are these types of coupons so great? You can get FREE ( almost ) products.

I went in today and bought my son a pack of boxer undies ( the kids get socks/underwear in their stocking every year ). They retailed for $10.99. After the coupon, I paid $.99. Yeah!

If you find a product you need for right under $10 or $15, don't forget, they have birthday cards/wedding cards, etc at the checkout for a couple bucks. You can push yourself up over the limit, if need be.

Want to read about another great company that offer these types of coupons? Visit Lori at The Bargain Shopper Lady. She has a great post on her recent trip to Victoria Secret,


Evelyn said...

I got the $10 off at JC Penny with a Master Card purchase. Did you have to charge? I plan on using it anyway since my credit card is a MC.

Carrie @ said...


Yes, that is the same one I got. I did charge my 99 cents. Too funny!

Should be no problem paying that one off. :-)

Lisa in ND said...

My coupon didn't have that stipulation, but I use my Discover Card for everything for the 1% cash back. I got a pair of snow pants for my son that were originally $40. They were on sale for $16. I paid a whole $6! Talk about a good deal. I also recently used $10 I earned through their Rewards program on some heated mattress pads. We need all the heat we can get up here in North Dakota! Now I can turn the heat down even more at night. Thanks Carrie!

Sara said...

Thanks for posting this. I didn't receive one but my mother did. She was kind enough to give it to me.

Jesabella said...

I guess I was the lucky one this year! I received both of them. I purchashed a necklace and bracelet for gifts that were also 40% off. I soend under a dollar on the braclet and just around $2 on the necklace. No one else I knew received them though.

Rachel from Texas said...

Thank you so much on the tip to join the JCPenney rewards program. I would never have joined it because I do not buy enough there to earn anything by their rules. In fact, I usually only go if I have one of those $10/$10 coupons from the mail (don't even know how I got on the list but love them). However when I saw this post, I joined anyway. I have not earned enough points for anything but they sent me an email w/ a $10/$10 coupon as a Valentines gift that I can print and use instore OR use online. Thank you so much for all of your great advise!