Friday, March 21, 2008

Extra Earning Potential for Upromise..Plus $2 Free!

I'm so excited....and I just can't hide it.......

Songs are constantly rolling thru my head! :-)

BUT, I have another great money maker for Upromise! They are giving $2 free to new and old users for signing up with their new survey site partner, e-Rewards. Yippee....a new survey site! I love survey sites!!!!

First, click here to get your free Upromise account, if you don't already have it. Then, enter 5tylenol in the promotional code box when registering to get $5 free loaded to your account. This $5 is for new users only. And, don't forget to make sure everyone in your house has an account!

Once your account is set up, you can enter your grocery store/CVS shopping cards, and you will get a percentage back on all products that support the Upromise program.

In addition, log in your credit cards and you will get money at participating restaurants, gas stations, etc. FREE MONEY!

This money is to build for college savings for your children, grandchildren, neighbors...anyone you want to support. BUT, you can withdraw it! You simply call and request your money. Although they do "suggest" you put this money in a college savings account once you withdraw it. I, myself, will be putting it in my kids 529s as the $ is withdrawn.

I have heard many people say your money grows VERY slowly in Upromise. And, this is true. But, it is still free! BUT, with a survey site added, it should be a lot easier to get free money! In fact, I signed up last night, took 3 intro surveys and got my first actual screener for a survey today in my emailbox. I liked the fact that they paid me for actually taking the screener, even though I didn't end up qualifying for the survey.

The one piece that is a little misleading is the money they quote you for each survey. For example, I already have $4.30 earned. BUT...I need to earn $25 e-Rewards money to turn it in for $5 in actual money for my Upromise account. So, in my book, I really have only earned about 86 cents.

But, I am OK with this, since I haven't actually qualified for a survey yet. I will have to assume the real surveys will pay more. My screener paid 6 cents, and this is about right. My Survey pays 10 cents per screener and Global Test Market pays 25 cents...while others don't pay anything at all. So, this seems to be right in the ball park with all the other survey sites.

So, if you like taking surveys as much as I do, click here to register with e-Rewards. And, as a bonus...they will give you $2 for your Upromise account!


Caro said...

I've been doing e-rewards since around 2001 or so and it's been a great site. They've gone through slower periods, but I have gotten some good things from them.

I wanted to let existing e-rewards folks know about the email I got from them earlier today regarding this deal from upromise. Basically I was asking if I could link my existing account up with e-rewards. I can't do that, but as long as I change my email address I can cancel my account (giving up any money not claimed) and sign up to the upromise/e-rewards deal. But with that one there is only one reward possible...the upromise thing.

e-rewards by itself partners with different folks and I can usually get some american airline miles out of them each year by earning enough. I will have to do some calculating given the info you just passed along to see if it makes sense for me to move after I make the next point level.

Keep in mind that the money you earn does expire, so if you don't do enough surveys you can end up losing out entirely. Watch for your expiring credit!!


Carrie @ said...

Thanks so much for this information. I didn't realize the points expired!! This is good information, and it let's me know that I need to keep on top and do all the surveys given to me ( so I earn the max points and cash out )!