Friday, November 28, 2008

$25 Off at Toys R Us w/ Paypal

Update: This offer expired this afternoon, per their website. I guess you needed to be one of the early morning shoppers .... 6AM or not long after ..... to get in on this deal! Hope some of you got in on it with me!

Starting at 6AM today, you can get $25 Off $50 at Toys R Us! That is 50% off! Woo, hoo!

Plus, Toys R Us is offering Free Shipping on select Toys when you spend $49 or more! Double Woo, hoo!

Are you a Big Crumbs user? If so, click here to sign in and log into Toys R Us thru them. If you are a Crumb Saver, you will get 2.7% additional back and if you are a Crumb Earner, you will get 1.7% back. More Savings! Triple Woo, hoo!

Not a Big Crumbs member or sure what is it about? Big Crumbs is a Shopping Savings site just like Ebates or Mr. Rebates. You set up your account and THEN you click on the link of the store you want to shop. It will take you directly to the same site ( Toys R Us, for this deal ) as if you had logged in on your own, only now you will be getting money back.

BUT, there are 4 points that make it stand out in certain situations over their competitors.

1. You can use coupon sites you find OUTSIDE of their site.

2. You can use it to get money back on eBay purchases ( the other 2 sites do not have this option )

3. You get paid EACH month, no matter if your balance is $1 or $100.

4. Refer friends and you get paid everytime they shop.

Click here to register with Big Crumbs.

Finally, what are the deals for the Paypal $25 bonus?
  • Limited time offer...doesn't show an end date??? Today??? Tomorrow?? Not sure.
  • $25 back on a purchase of $50 or more ( tax/shipping does not count towards the $50 )
  • Must choose Paypal as your payment method
  • Enter code paypal25 at checkout
  • Trouble with the code ( I did ), call 1-800-869-7787

Don't forget. If you are taking advantage of the $50 Barbie Rebate, this may be a great time to get even more toys under that deal. Click here to read the details.

And, don't forget to click here or go to my left menu bar and click on Holiday Savings to stay up to date on any deals I find.

Hope you are having a wonderful Black Friday!


~Monica~ said...

Anyone else get this to work? It didn't for me, and I called the 800# and was on hold for 16 minutes then she gave me another code that was long and ugly (underscores and stuff) and that didn't work either. She told me I needed to call paypal. Grr. Thanks for the info, wish I could get it to work!

~Monica~ said...

If you try to enter the code on the same page that you are picking your payment option, it won't take it. Choose paypal as your payment option and then on the next page enter the code paypal25. I still got an error message but scrolled down to my total and the $25 was taken off. BUT, the shipping was added back in (my stuff was all free shipping but I guess you can't use both) so I would've only ended up saving about $5. :(

Anonymous said...

This has expired (as of 2:15pm EST). Code did not work, called, advised the terms state TRU can end the deal at any time...and apparently they had already decided to do this. :(

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