Friday, November 28, 2008

Customer Service Issues are important

I have talked about this previously here, but thought it was worth revisiting.

Today, I checked out at Kroger and had a $5 credit on my Shopper Card. I was thrilled...the money came right off my total bill.

My issue came with an Kroger Applesauce I had bought a few weeks back. I buy the little 6 packs. All of them were fine except one. I opened it and it was very runny....almost like syrup and it smelled terrible. As my husband seemed to be fermented. Probably not a good thing to give to our little guy!

I kept the carton it came in and send a message via the Kroger website with the story, and the numbers printed on the side of the box.

Now, the applesauce has cost me just a bit over $1.00, but, they still gave me $5 in my account. Very nice of them.

The point of all of this? Customer Service is a great resource for consumers. They are there exactly for these purposes. If something isn't going right, you have bad service or anything disagreeable happens....let them know. Sometimes, just like this, they send you nice freebies as a way of an apology.

But, don't stop there. Customer Service should also be contacted if you have a great experience, too. If you find an employee or a location that really has been helpful or exceptional, let them know. Sometimes, you even get fun freebies when you do this, too. Some companies send coupons, etc as a thank you.

But, the important thing to remember is that Customer Service is there to assist you. Whether you have a good or bad experience, information you provide them helps them make their company or product better for future customers.

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