Saturday, November 8, 2008

Super Saturday Savings - Barbie Holiday Gifts

I'm going to apologize up front, because this post is probably going to very confusing. Ugh! But, I want to make sure I relate all the different options to get the BEST price for all these wonderful Barbie products for your little girl.

To start, Barbie is running a promotion thru the end of the year. If you buy $100 worth of "certain" Barbie products, you get a $50 Visa Gift Card back. This means, you are getting the products at approx. 50% off. This is a good deal in itself.

Here is the list of products to choose from:

  • Barbie and the Diamond Castle Princess Liana Doll

  • Barbie and the Diamond Castle Princess Alexa Doll

  • Barbie and the Diamond Castle Horse and Carriage

  • Barbie and the Diamond Castle Glimmer Flying Horse

  • Barbie and the Diamond Castle Playset

  • Barbie Party Cruise

  • Candy Glam Style Station

  • IDesign Ultimate Stylist

  • Barbie My House

  • Barbie Peekaboo Petites Peekaboo Place

And, here is the link to the rebate form. do you make this an even better deal. Well, there are a couple different options.

Scenario 1:

Toys R Us sent their Big Christmas Book out recently and included was a $10 Off $100 Purchase coupon or a $10 Gift Card with a $75 purchase. By using either of these, you are immediately getting another $10 off, which equates to spending $40 for $100 worth of Barbie products now. In fact, I would actually consider adding a $10 or more product to the receipt, in case your total being below $100 would disqualify you for the rebate. Remember, ask for a gift receipt and you can actually return the add on gift later. Total Out of Pocket is $40 for $100 worth.

Scenario 2:

Or, if you buy $100 worth of Barbie products online, you get free shipping AND $10 instant savings thru November 15th. Click here for details. Because you don't want it to interfere with your $100 purchase for the rebate, I would add a $10 Barbie gift...basically getting you another FREE gift after the instant savings. You will probably not want to return this extra gift, because you have to pay for shipping back.

Go thru Mr. Rebates when buying from Toys R Us online, and you will get $5 if you are a new member in your account AND another 2% back.

Use Bill Me Later to pay on Toys R Us and you will get another $10 off your total. Bill Me Later will take the $10 off when they send you your invoice. PLEASE remember that Bill Me Later is like a credit card. If you don't pay your invoice off within 90 days under this promotion, they will begin charging you interest. In addition, they do a credit check on your account, so it is probably a hard pull. Make sure you click here and copy/paste these terms into Word. You always want copies, in case you need to get manual credit.

What is you total for this scenerio? $43 PLUS a free $10 Barbie Gift for $100 worth

Scenario 3:

First, KB Toys is out of stock of most of these products ( you can request they notify you if they become available ) BUT they do still have Candy Glam Station for $39.99 or the Barbie My House for $39.99. You could buy multiple of these products for gifts for others. Then, use coupon code ETNLTR to take $5 off a $40 order. You do have to pay shipping.

NEXT, if you use Bill Me Later to pay, they will take $15 off a $30 purchase on KB Toys. AND, this $15 doesn't come off until you get your bill from Bill Me Later.

In addition, if you decide to go thru Mr. Rebates to log into KB Toys, you get an extra 4% back in your account plus the $5 back if a new member. Plus, if you are new to Mr. Rebates, you get a bonus $5. So, this store could be a great deal to pick up one or the other of those two items to get them at a low price. Then, get the other products to get you to your $100 total from another store.

Scenario 4: has almost all these products in stock for very reasonable prices. AND, if you have been using Swagbucks ( click here to read details on this program ) and have enough points earned to redeem for Gift could use that money to potentially pay nothing out of pocket for these items AND get your $50 back. And, they are offering free shipping on right now. Click here to go to all the Barbie products.

Or, you can buy just over $40 at KB Toys ( add a key chain or something small to get over $40 ) and pay only $20 some odd dollars for the product after the $5 off AND the $15 Bill Me Later discount. Then, buy the other $60 from Amazon with your gift certificates or out of pocket.

If nothing else, pick $100 of these products up at ANY of your local stores and get your $50 back. It is a fun deal!

Again, I apologize there is SOO much information...but hoping everyone can get some ideas and come up with the lowest out of pocket cost from these ideas.

I have added this deal to my Holiday Savings button in the right side bar.


Melody said...

We have a kb toy outlet near us and they also have an extra 20% off your total purchase coupon out. I used it last night before I knew about the barbie deal. I guess I will have to make another trip!

Stef said...


Have you received your gift card? I sent mine in Jan 2nd, and still have not received anything.



Carrie @ said...


Yes, gift cards have arrived. My parents got theirs last week, too, and my in laws got theres quite awhile ago ( although they sent there rebate form in before Jan ).

I would contact them and ask if they received it and when to expect it.