Friday, November 28, 2008

Free Money from CVS & American Express!

I was very excited about this deal from CVS this week! And, I hope most of you have already taken part in this free money giveaway from American Express/CVS, but if is the deal.

Thru tomorrow......November 29th, buy 3 American Express Gift Cards ( $25 each ) at CVS and get $10 Extra Care Bucks back. In addition, American Express ( on their own....this deal is actually at many different stores..just not with the extra $10 CVS Bucks ) is issuing a $15 Rebate American Express Gas Card.

My CVS has not had the rebate forms in all week, but just TODAY the managers got an email with the rebate form in it. So, she was able to print one out for me. Ask your manager to check their email, if they don't have the rebate forms on hand to give to you.

So, here is how the deal plays out:

  • Spend $86.85 ( $75 in gift cards plus $11.85 in fees to activate )

  • Receive $10 Extra Card Bucks for CVS

  • Receive $15 American Express Gas Gift Card vis this rebate. Click here. Thanks to Queen B's Bucks for the link to the actual rebate form.

  • Walk out with a profit of $13.15!!

It takes mere minutes and you can then use the American Express Gift Cards just like you would cash...for gas, groceries, restaurants, etc, etc. I ALWAYS take gift cards like this and immediately put it on a Kroger Gift Card. I know I will use it, I only have one card to worry about and I make sure every dollar of it gets used.

In addition, thanks to Janet for writing me last night to remind me that you can make an additional $5 profit if you use the Revolution Exchange Card to pay for the gift cards. Remember, they are running their promotion where you get $5 back for each $50 spent. Click here to read the details and sign up for your free card, too.

That makes your profit a nice $18.15. That is some nice extra cash to help pay for all those Black Friday deals you found shopping today.



Queen B's Bucks said...

Hi Carrie

Here is the link to get your gas card rebate.

Good Luck!!
Bridget :)

Kristie said...

I am confused as how to make a profit on this deal? If you are spending 86.85 but only getting back $25 in extra bucks and gas card, how is that a profit. What am I missing please explain I was thinking about doing this deal but thought it was still a lot of $.

Carrie @ said...


You are walking out with $75 in American Express Gift Cards ( can be used everywhere...just like a credit card...or cash )plus $25 in Extra Care Bucks and Rebate Gas Card.

So, your total in hand will be $100. $75 plus $25 equals $100 to you.

You spent $86.85 for that $100...thus you have a profit.

I have already used that $75 in American Express Gift Cards for a Kroger Gift Card ( it is just easier for me to have one card to I don't lose them...which will buy my groceries for the next few weeks.

Hope that makes sense.

mom_of2boys said...

Do you have to purchase them all in one transaction? My CVS takes competitor coupons so I was going to use the $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupons.