Monday, November 24, 2008

$25 Bonus Still Around - Logical Media

I wanted to type this post today, as I am releasing a new webpage on my blog for Affiliates. If you go to the upper left menu bar, you will see this new button and you can access it anytime at your convenience. Or, click here to go directly there. It will include general instructions on how to make money with this method and a list of the affiliate programs I currently use.

The reason I wanted to focus on Affiliate programs, and Logical Media in particular, was that last week I had my largest pay week ever from my blog. If you noticed, my numbers came in over $2,000 in hand for the week. I was thrilled, a bit overwhelmed and very grateful that typing this blog has been so beneficial to my family. For the year, I have made over $6,000 thus far. It is my largest money making method.

Why do I share all of this with everyone? Because, you can do it too! It is easy and free to get started, with great programs like Blogger. It literally can take you mere minutes to set up a blog, as they have templates you can use. Then, in the future, you can update your site or redesign it as needed.

The key is to find a topic you want to talk about!

When I started, talking about all these money saving methods was a given for me. My family and friends were constantly telling me I should write a book on all the ways I made and saved money for my family, and it was something I loved to do.

So, what is it you enjoy and find yourself taking, thinking or doing often? Family, Scrapbooking, Sports, Cooking, Reading, Your Faith, Home Schooling, Adoption, etc, etc, etc...the list can go on forever. Find your passion!

You need to commit and invest your time!

Recently, I had a reader write me and was mentioning to me that her son had looked over my site and said that there was no way I was a stay at home mom...that I did this as a job. I had to smile, because they are both right.

I am a stay at home mom by day and I have a part time job by night! During the day, I am running kids to Preschool, Mommy and Me classes, volunteering at school, going to dance class, cub scouts, sports practices, doing homework and playing with my kids. On top of the day to day routine of running a home ( cooking, etc ), I don't find as much time during the day to work on my site.

So, that unfortunately means my evenings are spent on my laptop while I watch TV with my hubby. I try to do my posts then and schedule them for different days/times, etc. But, I love it and this schedule works for me.

What scheule works for you? Can you find a bit of time to set aside and type at least a post or two a day? If so, blogging could be a great source of extra money for you.

So, are you interested in making extra money from home blogging? Click here to read more. I also have listed all the affiliate programs I am currently receiving paychecks from each month.

And, consider starting with Logical Media. They are currently offering a $25 sign on bonus for new members. It is free to join and right now they are also running a Holiday Promotion. If you refer 5 new members, you will be entered into a $5,000 drawing. Click here to register.

They have great advertisements they run, so feel free to click here and check them all out.

Meanwhile, if you need any assistance in setting up a blog or have topic ideas you want to run by me...feel free to email me.

I am by NO means an expert. In fact, I am still a small blog and relatively new ( I will be celebrating my official 1 year Birthday in January ), but I look forward to reading new blogs and new ideas that others have.

Have fun with it, and remember you get to meet ( via the internet anyway ) many great and wonderful people from all over! I am so blessed to have worked with so many of you thru 2008!

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Cent With Love said...

Hi Carrie,

Just wanted you to know that I signed up for LM through your blog over the weekend and was approved today. Hope you get the referral and the entry into the drawing!