Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Help, Help, Help! May Day!

I know, I know...I asked you to vote for me in the Classy Mommy Nintendo Wii giveaway. In fact, please do still vote for me ( I don't stand a chance of winning..but I would still appreciate the support ). Click here.

But, I REALLY, REALLY hope you will consider voting for Andrea ( Mommy Snacks ), too. Click here. She is presently in 2nd place and is SOOOO close to winning. It is extremely exciting. Last I checked, she was only 100 votes shy. So, every vote does count in this poll! You can vote for more than one person...so if you voted for someone else already...that is OK...you can still vote for her.

Never read Andrea's site or visited Mommy Snacks? Well, you should. She is a wealth of information and she is definitely the coupon guru!

But, even if you don't....and you simply enjoy reading mine...know this. Andrea has been supporting me, helping me and just plain encouraging me since I started blogging earlier this year. And, because of those supporting me, like Andrea ( and many others of you out there ), I am encouraged to continue to type posts daily and share my money making methods.

She was also one of my first readers to leave me comments and contact me...and then I found out she actually lived a town away. Small world!

So, not only do I know this sweet gal via the web, but I have actually gotten to meet this famous lady ( yes, I like to refer to her as a genuine TV star...as she has made appearances on our local news )!

Anyway, I am way off topic...but I wanted to definitely give you an idea of why I would love for her to win...and any help I or my readers can provide her would be greatly appreciated during.


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Andrea @ Mommy Snacks said...

Carrie - you are so sweet! Thanks so much for posting this! I am so close!!!!