Wednesday, November 12, 2008

$20 Paid from Survey Site

Another pay day at the mailbox thanks to My Survey! I had a $20 check waiting for me!

As you know, I love Survey Sites. I have been signed up with many for years now and each year I definitely make money. With this paycheck, I am now up to $80 paid for the year, BUT I have another $46 in checks on the way and even more that I haven't cashed out yet ( due to needing to meet a certain dollar amount to request my checks ).

As you can see, you can't live off of the money BUT it does help. And, I will admit. Most people will make more than me. My husband works for a company that, unfortunately, disqualifies me from a lot of surveys because it falls into an industry they are surveying on. :-( For example, if the survey is on Health and Beauty products, I won't qualify because his company manufacturers some themselves and could make be biased.

So, I guess what I am getting will probably make even more than me.

Interested in making more money taking surveys? Click here or go to my Surveys button in the left side menu bar. I have lists of companies I personally use or that I know to be valid. In addition, please make sure to read thru the intro and ALSO click the instructions button at the bottom for some pointers and tips/tricks.

But, just in case you want a quick list of survey sites you can make money goes:


Jen said...

Thanks for posting these. I signed up with My Survey awhile ago but everytime I log into the site it says that no surveys are available. :(

Carrie @ said...


That is too bad. I am not sure how they offer surveys to people. I assume it is based on many factors depending on what the company they are surveying for are looking for in candidates.

Such as age, income, race, etc, employment status of anyone in the family, etc.

Right now, I have 3 out there right now....Household products, Survey about Employment for my husband and Corporate Image Survey for my husband.

But, I have other companies where I don't get many. I am that way with Survey Spot. I know others who make tons of money, I on the other hand only get requests from them about twice a year.

Make sure you sign up for them all, have a survey email and just check that email every few days to answer those survey requests.

Becky said...

Hey Carrie,
That's funny that your posting about this today.....I also got a $20 check from My Survey today. Over the last several months, I have been saving my rewards and points from all of the surveys I do to be redeemed all at once to use towards Christmas. It was Andrea at MommySnacks idea to do this and I loved it. With todays check, the others I've received and the others I'm still waiting for I'll have $185 in checks and gift cards towards Christmas. I can't wait to see what that number will be after saving all of next years points, rewards until the end of the year.

Have a great night!

Rachel M from Texas said...

Hello. Another good survey site is Pinecone. You have to find a banner or sign up through a referral link when they are offered but worth the waite. They pay you $3 per survey and take 15-20 minutes each. You also might qualify for product tests. The payment is VERY fast. They have a paypal method but I am signed up for the checks and the check gets there about a week after I complete the survey (no request needed). They also have short household questionaires that you don't get anything for (except a sweepstakes entry) but these only take about 5 minutes and they really work... because of these, I never get full length surveys that I don't qualify for (my biggest problem with some others). Anyway, if this was already discussed, I apologize. I am new and still trying to sift through the posts :)