Friday, October 3, 2008

Up to $20 from

I guess I will just keep you updated month after month on this great deal!

I called yesterday to cancel my trial of again ( this is the 4th time now ), and they once again gave me $5 in postage! So, I am up to $20 in postage with NO membership fees yet, since they extend that "just" one more month.

I won't go into much detail for my new readers, because you can click here for my first post on the topic. Here for my 2nd post and here for my 3rd post. I don't want to bore all you long time readers with the same story over and over.

This is a great way to save money and print postage right from home. In fact, they actually mail you the stamps free to print on....bonus! Interested in your postage, too? Click here. Just remember to mark you calendars on when you need to cancel, unless you do plan to keep the service.

And, an additional note. If you end up liking and decide to keep, call them anyway. They have cheaper plans that may fit your needs and cost less.

One of my readers, Jessica, took my advice in the past and tried the for herself. I asked if I could share her story, so here it is in her own words. And, I must say, I am jealous, as she got more postage than I did!

"I still had $3.82 still in my account because I didn't have many things to mail this month. I listened to her entire script and kept saying that I wanted to cancel.. At the very end, she offered to send out the free scale (a $50 value that you usually don't get until you're a paying customer) and add $10 more into my account AND extending my trial offer another 4 weeks. I now have $14.05 in my account, a scale on the way and I can print NetStamps which are stamps that you can print for use in the future (just like a book a stamps from the post office). "

So, thanks to Jessica for sharing her story with everyone!

I will say, though, I have never gotten the scale. I assume she doesn't have to return that, so what a bonus! I would think you could then use that to weigh packages from home even if you don't use their service in the future!

Congrats on the great deal Jessica!


Steph said...

My deal came with a free scale. I don't believe you can use this scale without the subscription as it has no display on the scale itself and only works with the software. Which probably won't work once the subscription is canceled. It is nice for ebaying smaller packages but still not worth the $17.99/month. Steph

cristy said...

I got my $5 FREE this month...Did not even use it all up (only used up $2.++). Called today to cancel and they brought my balance back up to $5 with another FREE month. Thanks for this Carrie. Once again, you have convinced me into getting FREE services and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Carrie @ said...

Aren't free trials wonderful, Cristy?

And, it isn't just

If I ever see a free trial and they offer me a gift, I sign up and just remember to cancel.

I got $10 off my credit card bill last month thanks to a free trial from Complete Home.

I called to cancel that yesterday, too. They did offer my freebies, but I had to remain a member. So, I cancelled..BUT, that $10 was mine to keep.

Love, love,love free trials

Renee said...

I did the free trial, but when I was done, I called to cancel, and they just cancelled me! No trying to talk me into staying at all...which for one of the firt times was what I was hoping for. I'm still hoping to get something in the mail asking me to come back.

Carrie @ said...


That stinks. But, I bet you will get the "come back" mailing eventually in the I have.

But, who knows when.

Did you at least use the $5? Hope so.


Good to know about the scale. Hold on to it, though. If you get the free trial offer again, I bet the scale will work while you are under the trial, don't you think?

Steph said...

Yeah i will definetly hold on to it, i didn't realize they may not offer the scale with the deal and I'll try the deal again if they offer a good one

monacutest said...

Hi Carrie,

How are you? I hope everything's well with you!

Anyway, today I called to cancel my free trial and as I have expected, they tried to let me stay as their customer so the customer service rep said that since my monthly fee got waived for the 1st month then I am qualified to get my $10 credit! So they added $10 into my account and gave me another free month!

As I was looking into my welcome kit, I saw this postcard that I can send to to get my free digital scale - a $50 value. It says that it is only available to customers who continue beyond the trial period. So this got me to think that I am qualified since I already continued beyond my free trial (to which my monthly fee got waived). I will try to mail this postcard tomorrow and will update you whether I can get my free scale. :)

Helen said...

Just came back to this post to read over it again... When I called to cancel they waived my fee for the next month but didn't give me $5 in free postage. So I called back and asked them to "so I can try the net stamps" and they did!

I too am sending in my postcard for the free $10 in postage for customers who continue past their trial period. Hopefully it'll work!