Friday, October 3, 2008

Free Photo Book, Puzzles, etc thanks to Loyalty Programs 565x90

Loyalty Programs, loyalty programs, loyalty programs.....drill it into your head!

Everytime you sign up for one with a company, whether it is an actual program or a simple newsletter....sign up! You are bound to get great freebies and incentives at some point during the year!

Before you start signing up for all of them, though, make sure to set up a separate email specifically for this purpose. For example, as I have mentioned before, mine is dealsforcarrie at

This way, I can check it at my leisure to see what great deals are available to me, but it doesn't interfere with my personal emails.

And, like I have mentioned in the past, I sign up for the programs when I find them at ANY establishment, irregardless if it is somewhere I normally shop.

So, what did I get fun yesterday? Well, a FREE 20 Page Photo Book from Shutterfly, BUT it was thanks to Borders Books.

If you are interested in becoming a member for free of the Borders Books Rewards Club, click here for details on how to register.

Then, also click here to register for Borders Perks and their newsletter.

So, how did I get my free photo book?

Borders Rewards sent an email out to me on September 15th titled Limited Time Coupon. Did you get it? In it, at the very bottom, was a code for a free 20 page photo book from Shutterfly.

OK, I thought. Goody! So, I went in and created my photo book and had it all ready to go. But, when I went to check out, shipping came to $7.99. Hmmmm, I thought! Maybe Shutterfly will run Free Shipping before October 15th, which by the way, is when the coupon code expires.

Also, I would share the coupon code, but I had a friend try it, and it is a one use code. You have to get the email invite with your own unique code.

So, I saved the photo book to my cart, and left myself a reminder in my calendars ( email, cellphone and planner ) to order my book on the 15th. Just in case free shipping didn't come out.

WELL, yesterday, I got an email from Shutterfly ( click here to set up your account and get 50 free prints and free shipping, $0 out of pocket ) because I am now on their email list from registering and getting my free prints.

AND, they have a special free shipping code, 33AUTUMN. So, I immediately logged in, entered the code and wa la, checked out. My bill came to $0.00. Yeah! I can't wait for it to arrive! I am not sure if this shipping code is a private code or if everyone can use it, but try it.

And, if you were already a member of Borders, go back thru your past emails to find your Free Photo Book email.

What other fun freebies has Borders sent to me since I signed up? Well, a few days ago, they had a link to download 2 free Puzzles from Big Fish Games. So far, it appears they send us little freebies once in awhile. Cool!

So, if you were a member of Borders Rewards already, see if you can get your free photo book, too. If not, click here to register and get in on future deals.

Also, make sure to get your free photos from Shutterfly so you are then on their mailing list for future deals, such as the free shipping. Click here.

And, don't forget to register for all newsletters and rewards clubs from any company you come across.

And, if you find any good ones, make sure to let me know! As you know, I am always looking for great deals!

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