Tuesday, August 19, 2008

$5 MORE in Postage!

Can you believe it? This time, I am even a bit amazed on the quick turnaround from Stamps.com.

First, if you are a newer reader and haven't been following along in getting postage with me, click here. This is my original post.

Second, click here to read my 2nd post on the subject of how I got my 2nd $5 in postage ( so now up to $10 ).

Finally, I am now getting $15 in postage due to this additional $5.

The low down quickly?

Click here to sign up with Stamps.com. They give you 4 weeks risk free trial and $5 in postage, that you can begin using immediately. Rebate forms to send in? Birthday cards? It doesn't matter, mail it on Stamps.com .

But, don't forget, mark your email calendar, your planner and your cell phone calendar ( yes, my 3 calendar rule), to make sure you never miss a cancellation, unless of course you plan to stay a member. And, have it remind you at least 2 to 3 days before you need to cancel your trial membership. If you set it for the last day, what happens if you happen to be out and about that day and do not have time to give them a call to cancel? Always give yourself some extra time.

Then, what happens? Well, it depends. For me, in order to keep me from cancelling, they waived my fee and gave me another $5 of postage to use the service again. Before the 3rd month started, they again waived the fee, although they didn't give me any postage.

Finally, I called last week to cancel again. This time they didn't offer anything, but were VERY nice to work with in getting my cancellation complete.

So, 1 week later, I opened my mailbox today, and what was in there? A "please come back" to Stamps.com disk with a promotion code for another $5. I resigned up for another 4 weeks risk free trial and I have already loaded my $5 in postage. Presto! Wow!

My recommendation to you? Get your $5 in postage, too. Before you know it, you may be up to $15, too. And, if you haven't read my post on the benefits of trials, click here.
And, don't forget....while in the trial, you may just find a new service you like.


Kim said...

So do you just print the stamps from your computer? Did you have to buy some kinda of special paper to print the stamps? Thanks! Kim

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Hi Kim,

As soon as you sign up, you can begin printing the postage directly on envelopes.

I just stick it in the printer, type in my return address and the address I am mailing to, and it prints it all...including he postage directly on it.

They do have paper that you can print on, too. It looks more like a stamp. Sometimes they send it to you free to try, and other times they don't. So, you will just have to see if it comes with your welcome kit.

But, I usually just use the envelopes most of the time, anyway.

Do note, though, once you are officially cancelled, any unused postage is forfeited. So, try to remember to use your free postage every chance you get.

Hope that helps.