Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thanks! Another $5!

If you didn't read my original post about, click here. It was only a few weeks ago that I mentioned you can get Get FREE postage when you sign up for And, although it is only $5 upfront, who wouldn't take $5, right?

Well, my 30 day trial is over next week. But, I had used all of my $5 in postage already, so I decided I was going to call early to cancel my membership.

First, I want to commend their customer service department. The employee I talked to was very polite and helpful. He actually had me laughing in parts of the conversation.But, here is what happened. I asked to cancel. And, as all customer reps do, they just wanted to know what was prompting me to cancel. So, I was very truthful and told them they had mailed me a brochure asking me to give them a try and I could get $5 in postage. So, I told him I signed up due to that.

I explained to him that I do not do a lot of mailing from home, so the $15.99 a month fee would not be worth it to me.He proceeded to ask how I got my current stamps just for letters, etc. I told him I picked them up at Kroger when I did my grocery shopping ( that way I get 6% back on postage thanks to my credit card ). He then told me that they have a plan for $7.99 geared more towards my needs. is the kicker...if I would be willing to transfer to that plan for the next month at no cost ( again ) then they would give me another $5. So, of course, I said sure.So, I now I have another 30 days, and I have to cancel mid July. But, I also have another $5 ( it is already loaded...I just checked ).So, has now given me $10. And, it has been great. I have used all that postage for rebates, and the new money will be used for thank you letters I need to send from my daughter's birthday party! Can't beat that!

Another bonus? When I signed up through the mail, they offered me a $25 Gift Certificate if I remained a member past the 30 days. I believe this is a different then the current offer now. Well, I can now print the certificate and mail it in to receive my gift certificate. Will I receive it since I am past my trial, but NOT paying? I don't know...all I can do is try. In fact, the customer service rep was the one that alerted me to this. He told me to send it in. Wouldn't that be a great bonus? I'll keep you posted on that one.

Meanwhile, to give you some incentive to take advantage of free money and incentives offered during trials with companies .....let me remind you ( in case you are a new a reader ) of how willing the companies are to work with you so you will remain a customer. Even if you aren't a paying one!

Back before DSL and Broadband Internet connections were all the rage, we used to have to muddle through with dial up. And, AOL was constantly sending me disks in the mail to try them free. At that time, I believe they were priced close to $20 a month for their service, if I remember correctly.Anyway, each month I called to cancel my service, and each month they asked if I would try them just ONE more month for free. This went on for YEARS! I never paid for Internet connection to our home. Every month, without fail, I called to cancel, and every month...without fail, they offered me another month free.

This has been my experience with MANY companies. Will they all continue on for years? Well, not usually. But, almost all companies will offer you some type of incentive to just try them a bit longer.In this case, I got another $5! Woo, hoo.

Interested in getting your postage from Click here.

And, as always, I strongly encourage you to write the date down you need to cancel in numerous places. And, to set the date for at least a few days before the actual cancellation date. I write it in my planner, log it in my email calendar ( so I get an email reminding me ) and I enter it in my cell phone calendar (so it beeps at me). Hard to forget!

And, of course, if you do like a service, by all means...consider becoming a member.

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