Thursday, October 9, 2008

$10 Kroger Card from Cincinnati Enquirer

If you are a Southern Ohio, Northern Kentucky reader and pick up that Sunday paper every week for your coupons ( and you better be getting the way ), this might be a decent deal for you!

In addition, if you currently subscribe but pay your bill manually every time it is due, this is a great time to switch over to EzPay with the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Currently, they are offering a $10 Kroger Gift Card as well as an entry into the $1,000 Grocery Giveaway.

This offer ends November 19th.

In addition, they usually charge you less for your subscription IF you pay via EzPay. So, this could lower your subscription fee, too.

But, do make sure to take a look at the rates before you sign up to ensure you are getting a better deal then what you pay now! The $10 Gift Card and entry doesn't hold much worth if you currently have a better rate now. can do what I did. Since my regular rate is lower than the $10.71 a month for Sunday only that this promotion offers, I decided to order a 2nd paper for a month. So, for the next 4 weeks, I will get two papers delivered...meaning double the coupons.....and get a $10 Kroger gift card. So, 71 cents for the paper for a month! Woo, hoo!

I already have it marked on my calendar to cancel a month from now...don't forget to do that, too!

And, you never know. Maybe I will even win a $1,000 groceries! :-)

To sign up for this offer, click here. Or, you can call 1-800-876-4500.

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Anonymous said...

Be careful that you watch what they bill and that they actually send you the gift card. I did this offer in August and signed up for the one time payment of $18.30. I was billed 7.30 in September and this included newpapers I didn't receive. When I called to ask what was up with this, they said it was the middle of their quarterly billing cycle and the $18.30 was billed in October. I never got the gift card, the extra paper (the offer I signed up for had last weeks Sunday paper for a bonus with no charge) and just today I got a credit for the 2 papers I was charged for and never received. A very sneaky way to get an extra month out of me and it took 3 rather long phone calls to get it settled. Irritating to say the least.