Friday, October 10, 2008

$250 Check Today in My Mailbox...Yeah!

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Well, like everyday, I love going to mailbox.

Why not? From freebies, to coupons, to is always fun to see what I will get everyday.

Today, I got my first reward check from Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card.

First, click here to read my original post on when I first signed up and started using this card, and why I love it so much. Namely....3% back on SO many categories. I get 3% back on my top 6 categories now, although it was only 3 when I first applied for the card.

Second, click here to read my post on why I LOVE credit cards. So far in 2008, I have made just shy of $800 of all my cards!

Third, click here to apply for your own Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card and start earning cash back, too.

Don't forget, they give you a $50 bonus just for signing up, and THEN if you wait until you reach $200, they give you another $50 free! So, of course, my advice is to only cash out everytime you get to $200, like I just did. They tacked on that extra $50! Woo, hoo!

Hope you all are earning lots of fun rebates and cash back on your credit cards, too, and if you are NOT, time to get a new card. There is no reason to not be earning money on what you need to buy everyday anyway...groceries, gas, utilites, etc!

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