Friday, May 9, 2008

My Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card has arrived!

Oh, but I was excited this week when my Chase Freedom(SM) Credit Card arrived. You would think it was like I actually cash or something...but to is just as good!

I know that this credit card IS like getting cash and I will be reaping the benefits very soon!

I had actually applied for the credit card quite awhile ago, but it just took forever to get here. I knew it had processed, because when I logged into my Chase Checking Account ( where I got my bonus $200 last week ), I could see they had added the credit card onto my account. So, I have impatiently been waiting for it to actually arrive.

Why I am I so excited? First, click here to read my original article on using credit cards and the benefits. That will help explain some of my excitement.

But, my other reason was that this last card finally makes my credit card portfolio feel well rounded ( or until the next best card comes out ). With my current cards, I get 6% back on Groceries, Gas and Drugstores and 6% back on Home Utilities, Cable, Telephone, etc.

And, now....

What does this mean to me? Well, since I won't be putting groceries, gas, drugstores, utilities, garbage, telephone/cable/internet on this doesn't leave much.....but it will cover all those other little expeditures that I was only getting 1% back on before. I highlighted in red the categories I will be using this card on.

Here is the full list of what they pay 3% back on.

  • Grocery Stores ( won't need...since I will get 6% on another card)
  • Gas & Convenience Stores ( won't need...since I will get 6% on another card)
  • Department Stores
  • Drugstores ( won't need...since I will get 6% on Citi Drivers )
  • Beauty Shops/Salons/Spas
  • Pet Supply Stores/Vets
  • Telecommunications ( won't need...since I will get 6% on my other card)
  • Cable/Satelite, Internet ( won't need...since I will get 6% on my other card)
  • Fast Food and Quick Service Restaurant
  • Local Commuting
  • Gym Memberships
  • Utilities ( won't need...since I will get 6% on my other card)
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Video Rentals
  • Movie Theatres

Although it is 3% on only the top 3 you spend in a month, I wasn't too concerned. Number 1, I don't own a that category probably won't come into play. I don't local commute. I don't have a gym membership. And, we rarely use the dry cleaners, rent videos or go to the movie theatres.

So, it is pretty safe to say in MOST months, I will now be getting 3% back on haircuts, shopping at department stores ( does Target count...I will let you know ) and restaurants ( hello to 3% back on my Skyline Chili ).

Why else was I excited about this card? They give a $50 sign on bonus after your first purchase. Woo, hoo to that!

In addition, if you wait until you are at $200 to cash out, they will throw in another $50 ( every time ). That means your return is really 3.75% on each purchase.

The other benefit? They will still give you 1% on all other purchases.

If you are interested in this credit card, too, simply click here. And, don't forget to make at least one small purchase to at least get that free $50!


Andrea said...

Great Post, Carrie!

Do they have a referral bonus for you if you refer new customers? I know the Upromise Citi card has a $50 referral credit on your card if someone signs up from an email you send.

Now that I'm asking, I don't think I'll be opening up a card right now, but down the road, I'm going to do what you're doing.

Carrie @ said...

Hey Andrea,

I logged into Chase to see if I could find a spot for referral credit. But, I couldn't find one. Maybe they will send out special offers every once in a while where I can refer friends. We will see.

But, if you click on the links on the article, it does take you to the affiliate program through NCS Reporting ( another one I would recommend you sign up for ).

I just got a $40 check from them last week.

I will make sure to let you know if I find any other good affiliate programs, too...and you do the same. Thanks for the recommendation on Amazon, too.