Thursday, September 18, 2008

Free 2 Day Shipping - Prime Free Trial

I was very excited for this deal, and it is running thru October 31st!

Even better? The other benefit! It is unlimited for 30 days. Meaning, if you have a lot of purchases to be made, or gift certificates piled up, this is the time to use them. Shipping can add up to alot.

First, for new readers, I would love to explain why I love free trials. You can click here to read my original emails on the subject.

But, to give you my experience with MANY different companies and free trials, they are MANY times worth it?

If you can make sure to mark your calendars ( email calendar, planner/calendar & email calendar....I recommend always marking all 3 ), so that you are reminded to cancel before your trial expires, you can get LOTS of freebies thru the years. AND, many times when you go to cancel, they continue your trial and give you MORE freebies!!

I always highly recommend free trials if they are giving something free away! Remember Click here to read my latest post...this is a great example. In fact, I have a post to do on them in the next few days ( since I am a bit backed up ).

With this free trial to Amazon Prime, is offering Free 2 Day Shipping on any order while you are a member...and this includes your free 30 days.

So, as you know, I have gotten $20 in free Gift Certificates from Swagbucks and Blingo ( in fact, I almost have another $5 to already ). I highly recommend using them as your search engines so you can earn free money, too!

Anyway, I needed to use up my Amazon Gift Certificates and I also needed new ink for my printer....again! Since buying ink from Amazon is actually already cheaper than even Sams Club for me, it was a great time to use my certificates and sign up for Amazon Prime to get free shipping.

So, how much did I save? $5.49 per order I placed. Not a bad deal at all!

Now, how do you cancel the Amazon Prime membership so you don't get charged the membership fees?

  • Go to Your Account
  • Scroll down until you see Subscription Management
  • Click on Manage your Amazon Prime Membership
  • Click on the Do Not Upgrade
  • Click on Turn Off Auto Upgrade

Have some purchases to make on before October 31st? Click here to sign up for your free Trial to Amazon Prime, too and get Free 2 Day Shipping!

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candace said...

I love Prime! I gave you an award today at


ChrisV said...

For those of you with Prime memberships, here’s a good website for searching for Amazon Prime items:

Evelyn said...

My duaghter signed up for the Amazon Prime and thought it was free forever. The first time it came on her bill we called and they gave us a refund. My husband explained that she did not understand (which she did not). Hmm youth to think she thought it was forever. How is that? But they were nice. She was ordering all her textbooks and it did help.

Becky said...

Hey Carrie,
I'm sure that you will watch this as closely as everything else you do......just in case though.....I signed up for Amazon Prime just as your instructions state. I was charged $79 though after the 30 day trial. My account was credited though with a quick phone call.

Carrie @ said...

It is indeed $79 if you stay beyond the trial.

I already cancelled mine, as soon as my ink arrived. :-)

Suz said...

Do they offer anything when you cancel. I would love to keep it, but $79 is a little steep for me.

Carrie @ said...


They did not offer anything when I cancelled online. It was just a click of a button.

You could try calling Amazon to cancel and see if they offer you anything..that would be my only suggestion.

Otherwise, sign up for Prime when you are getting ready to make some purchases and use your trial while you can benefit from it.