Friday, September 19, 2008

Free or Almost Free Summer Sandal Collection

I am SOO thrilled to be getting sandals for free!! And, if you need some for next year, they have a LARGE selection..this is the time to buy up.

I had worn mine out this summer, because that was all I now I will have a brand new pair for next year. In fact, I am debating buying more...since they are so cheap.

Want to take advantage, too?

First, if you want them FREE and you have never used Mr. Rebates before, this is the time. Why? They give you $5 free for signing up and buying thru their site. Click here to register for free. AND...make sure have an "deals" email account set up and use that email address. If you need to set a new email up quickly, go to Yahoo for free.

Once you are logged into their site, type in Fashion Bug in the search box on your left. It will bring up a link to their site. Click on that.

When you have actually been take to Fashion Bug's site, then click on Shoes on the left hand side. Then, once on that on Clearance.

Many of their sandals are marked down to $2.98, $3.98, etc and they used to be over $20!! And, I am not kidding....there is a lot to choose from. Here is a pic of what I got. I LOVE heels and flip the perfect combo for me.

Once you have selected your choice, then begin the check out process.

On the page where you need to enter your credit card, there should be a spot for a promotional code. Enter 776234205 for free shipping.

Then, finish checking out.

My grand total came to $4.23 with tax.

Mr. Rebates also pays 3% back on Fashion Bug purchases. So, I will potentially also make 13 cents. So, with the sign up bonus, that makes $5.13! Take the $4.23 out and you got sandals and a profit of 90 cents!

NOW...before you go through with this, I did want to explain a few things about Mr. Rebates.

First, alot of these types of sites will NOT pay if you use a coupon code that is not listed on their site. The free shipping is NOT listed on Mr. Rebates, BUT I also could not find in their FAQs or anywhere on their site where is says you can't use other coupons. So, I am ASSUMING you will get the $5 bonus and 3% back. But, I did want to make you aware how these programs with other sites work, in case you don't get credit.

The worst that could happen? You pay $4.23 for a $20 pair of sandals. Still a great deal! The best that could get sandals and make money.

Already signed up with Mr. Rebates? Then, still sign in through their site so you can potentially get the 3% back. Why not make a little bit while you get new sandals for rock bottom prices.

Or, if you are new to Upromise, you can click here to sign up with promotional code 5Tylenol to get $5 free in your account. Then, go to Online Shopping and Fashion Bug to go thru the process to buy your sandals. They only pay 2% back, but if you need that $5 bonus and are new to Upromise, and already a member of Mr. Rebates, then this is another option.

And, remember to use Mr. Rebates for future online shopping, because your balance does need to be above $10 before they will send you your check.

Enjoy! I can't wait to get mine!


Queen of the Urban Jungle said...

thank you so much for posting this deal!! i already have a mr rebates account so just bought them without the bonus. the code you posted is on their website, but it says it's for something else. i used and and DID get the free shipping, so you're right and they're wrong! thanks again so much!

susan said...

$4.23?!! Thats a pretty good haul Dear. Thanks for posting this. Im going to hit Fashion Bug in a bit, Im so excited to get my daughter a new pair of sandals. I will shop through instead they offer 3.75% cashback for Fashion Bug. Ive been shopping through them for a year because they offer a much hihger cashback compared to others. Happy Shopping to us!