Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Free Products w/ $10 Bonus from Ebates

As promised, I would let you know if I found out anymore good deals to use the $10 Sign On Bonus at Ebates...and here are some more for you!

Of course, click here to read how you can get a Free $10 Gift Card if you are a new member to Ebates. I posted about this last week. But, if any of those stores were not what you were looking for, then here are some other options. Please make sure to ONLY buy one of the gift cards I have listed here, in this post. Others do NOT qualify for the bonus.

Also, click here to read my original post on Ebates and all the details behind the program.

Currently, has two useful software packs for Free or almost Free after rebate. These will be money makers with Ebates.

The first one is a Webroot Parental Control. This would be a great program to download to your PC if you have young children using a computer and the web.

My 6 year old son already gets on the computer to go to his sites. And, I have to say Starfall is his favorite, since they used it in school last year too. But, having software such this installed will definitely put my mind at ease in regards to his safety on the web...especially as he gets older and visits even more sites.

This products list price is $39.95, with's price being $19.99. But, they are currently offering a rebate for $15, bringing your price down to ONLY $4.99. Shipping is Free.

Register with Ebates, and go to thru their website. Then, purchase this software. Do a search on Webroot Parental Controls - 3 user - 04311. And, don't forget to print the rebate form and submit it. Click here for the rebate.

And, don't forget you make 1% on purchases thru Ebates, so you will make $10 Sign On Bonus plus 19 cents. After the rebate, you will get the software plus make over $5.

This offer expires on September act quick.

The second deal they are running is.....

This software pack is perfect for anyone who has a PC that is running slow, is bogged down or freezes. This package will clean up your system and CLAIMS to increase speed by 300%. Hmmm...I will believe it when I see it. The kids PC is VERY slow! But, hey, I will try it for free.

This usually lists for $69.95. sells for $30 and they have a rebate that makes it FREE!!

Again, register here with Ebates to get the $10 Sign on Bonus. Then, go to thru their website and do a search on System Mechanic Pro - Up to 3 PC's by iolo Technologies - SMP08E .

So, with the Ebates bonus and 1% back, you will get this software and make $10.30. Not bad!

Click here for this rebate form. This one doesn't expire until the end of the year.

AND...if you are already a member of Ebates, these are some great deals for you, too. Of course, you won't get the $10, but you will get the products for free or almost free plus your 1%.

Don't forget?

Ebates give you money back for shopping online at stores you already use. But, you MUST go thru their site before clicking thru to the site you use.

You will only get the sign on bonus if you make a purchase thru their site.

Also, they only pay once a quarter. So, your money will accumulate in your account until payday.

For them to send you your check, you must have AT LEAST $5.01 in your account that is from purchases. This means, the $10 Sign on Bonus and Referral money does NOT count towards that $5.01 total. But, don't worry...if you haven't reached that threshold by the next payday, it just rolls over.

You can refer your friends and make $5 for each friend you refer. So, if you find a good deal and you are a member..pass it on. You never know who might be interested and you can make a little bit of extra money.

Finally, the $10 Sign On Bonus expires September 12th!

I will post again later in the week with some more deals you can use the $10 bonus on.

Don't forget to enter my September $25 Giveaway. Simply click here to read the details and enter.


Ann said...

You can get 5% off too! I did a search

Carrie @ said...


Just be careful if you are getting that additional 5% off via a coupon code.

Ebates will not give you credit for your sign on bonus or their 1% back if you use a coupon code that is not theirs.

You don't want to lose out on the bonus.