Thursday, October 30, 2008

$10 Free Gift Cards - Thanks to Ebates Sign On Bonus - LAST DAY!

Wow...I am doing a lot of bumping posts to the top today. But, I wanted to make sure everyone took advantage of this $10 Free from Ebates if you have never used their program before. The offer expires October 31st, and then it is back to $5. Read below for how to take advantage of this program. Of course, you are free to buy thru any of their stores...and it does not need to be a gift card. Any purchase counts towards your $10 bonus. So, if you are getting ready to make a purchase online, check to see if the store is offered thru Ebates, and if it is...log in thru their site to get paid.

I am SOOO excited that Ebates is offering the $10 Sign On Bonus for new members thru October 31st.

As you might know, they always have the $5 sign on bonus, but every once in a while, they bump the offer up to $10! Yeah!

First, let me give you a brief run down. Ebates is a website you can go "through" when buying products online. For example, you are getting ready to buy a product at Circuit City. Before you log in and do, go through Ebates first. They will give you a percentage back of your purchase when they link you directly to the Circuit City site. Make sense?

You can click here to read my original write up on Ebates.

What other companies do I like that are similar to Ebates? Big Crumbs, Mr. Rebates and Upromise. You can click on any of their names to read about each of those companies and their differences and benefits.

So, why am I featuring them today? Well, the $10 Sign On Bonus is back, which means there are many more things you can get for FREE now! I thought I would try and do a different post on selections you can make with this money periodically through the next few weeks, until the promotion ends.

So, today, I am focusing on Gift Cards. There are only a handful of stores that Ebates will give you money back on if you buy Gift Cards, and they are:

  • Borders Books
  • Shoe
  • Lancome Paris
  • Sears
  • Kohls
  • Red Envelope
  • QVC
  • Eddie Bauer
  • The Container Store
  • Urban Outfitters
  • JC Whitney
  • Home Decorators
  • Hammacher Schlemmer
  • Max Studio
  • Gift
  • Spa Wish
  • True Jeans
  • Ritz Camera
  • Fragrance X
  • Camera World
  • Jos A Banks
  • Free People
  • Chadwicks

So, if any of those stores are ones you frequent, or you think a $10 Gift Card would be a nice gift for is the time to buy.

Login here and register with Ebates. Please make sure to sign up with an alternate email account, and not your personal account.

Once you are registered, you will receive your $10 bonus once you make your first purchase. So, go to any of these sites THROUGH the Ebates site while logged in and purchase a $10 Gift card.
Most gift cards are free to ship, although I haven't checked all the no guarantees. And, not all stores offer a $10 gift card. Again, I checked a few ( Kohls for example ) and they did.

Don't forget, on top of the $10, you will also make money as you get a percentage of your purchase price back.

Finally, remember Ebates pays once a quarter only, so you will have to wait for your money. And, they don't payout until your balance earned is over $5.00. Meaning, your bonus doesn't count towards that $ any purchases you make online going forward, check to see if Ebates has the highest payout, and if so...purchase thru their site.

Remember to refer your friends, too!! You get $5 for each friend you refer unless they offer you a special promotion...then you can make even more. It is worth spreading the word!

Enjoy the free money!

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