Sunday, August 10, 2008

Welcome to my weekly post on where to find your weekly free photos.

As we all know, it takes no time at all for digital photos to pile up on our cameras, computers or disks. So, each week I will be bringing you a new site to go get some free photos printed.

And, I will also include all deals that are still running.

So, this week, welcome to Kodak Gallery where you can get 20 prints free! Click here.

Also, if you choose to pick your photos up with standard delivery at a local store, and you have no shipping charge. You will simply pay a small convenience fee of $1.49. Where are your local pick up locations? Click here.

Hurry..this promotion ends in 4 days!!

I am uploading mine now and getting them ordered, so I don't forget and lose out on free prints.

What else is Kodak offering this month?

Until the end of the month, you can choose to get a Free Photo Pocket Book instead. Click here.

So, take advantage or one or the other......

And, here is your list of all previous free photo deals:

40 free prints from Clark Colorlabs
50 free prints from Snapfish
30 free prints from York Photos
Free Photo Book from Picaboo - use code 1PFMDB-WE

And, don't forget, all free photo sites are listed in a drop down in the right hand sidebar so you can access them quickly anytime!


Evelyn said...

Can you tell us IF you have to pay postage on your photo deals? Postage can add up. I'd love it if the postage was very low or nonexistent.

Carrie @ said...

Thanks Evelyn, for this suggestion.

I will begin adding the shipping details for each Free Prints offer each week.

I just updated this post.

For Kodak, you can get free shipping if you opt to pick up in the store. This is the best deal.

There is a one time fee ( no matter how many prints you order ) of $1.49.

If you simply get the 20 free prints, this brings the cost per print to 7 cents. A pretty darn good deal.

I always try to get my prints for 10 cents or under ( with shipping included ).

Every once in awhile, you can get them completely free at a store. For example, I have a coupon for 5 free prints at CVS..and I will pick them up while no cost.

But, that is less common.

Andrea said...

Carrie - cute pics of your kiddos, especially the tattoo - you hard core momma!!