Monday, August 11, 2008

$10 Off $10 at JcPenney

Did you get your JcPenney mailer over the weekend?

If you did, make sure to check out the back flap. There is a $10 Off $10 coupon. If you remember, I posted about this JcPenney coupon in the past. It is a great deal to pick up some free or almost free merchandise.

Since the new school year is fast approaching, I took my "soon-to-be " 1st grader to pick out something for school. And, sure enough, we were able to get him a nice polo styled shirt. I even let him pick out the exact one he wanted...color and all. I think this is the first time he has ever cared.

The shirt was normally $20, on sale for $9.99 and free after the coupon!

But, of course, I had to spend over $10 to get the coupon....and I was a penny short. So, at check out, you can buy small gift bags or cards ( I got a birthday card ) for $2.99.

So, I got a very nice shirt and a card for just over $3 with tax.

Of course, there were shirts that were just over $10 or $11.99, but, well, it was my son's special shopping trip, and I guess I could splurge and let him get the shirt he wanted and I could buy a card to add on! If I must...... :-)

To get on these great coupon offers in the future, I would suggest you sign up for their new reward program. Click here. I can't guarantee you will get their future ads, but I would have to think so.

What other benefits does the program offer? You get points every time you shop with a registered credit card. Once you reach 250 points, you get $10 for JcPenney.

I hope you searched your lastest Penney's flier too, and found your valuable coupon before throwing it away. Read all your junk mail!

Have lots of fun buying "free" items, too.


Anonymous said...

can you please scan the coupon and post it here please?

Carrie @ said...

I already used the coupon to buy my son a shirt.

My understanding with this coupon ( and someone correct me if I am wrong ), but no reproductions are allowed.

Meaning, you have to actually receive the coupon.

I don't have the fine print in front of me anymore to verify that, though.

Anonymous said...

The coupon can be reproduced/scanned in here and used because the name and address to the person it was mailed to was just stamped in the bottom corner of the magazine and the coupon (barcode and all) is the same on all of the mailers.

Carrie @ said...

I just called my girlfriend to check the terms on the coupon...she still has hers.

It does indeed say reproductions will not be accepted.

When you scan coupons in this constitutes a reproduction.

I will give people reminders when coupons come out, instructions on how to get on mailing lists for future coupons or if there is an online link, give that, but I do not scan coupons.

As of yet, I haven't come across a coupon that says reproductions are allowed...not to say they aren't out there!

Your best bet would be to sign up for their mailers or to call JcPenney personally, to see if they can get you access to an actual coupon.

I had a girlfriend do that with Toys R Us once. She called their home office, explained she didn't get the coupon in the mail, and they sent one right out to her.

It may not work with Penney's, but all you could do is try.