Thursday, August 14, 2008

Free Money with Swagbucks

Well, I am happy to report, I received my first payday with Swagbucks. I accumulated enough points ( 45 ) for a free $5 Gift Certificate today. Woo, hoo! That didn't even take me a month from when I signed up!!

If you didn't read my previous write up on the company, you can click here.

But, basically, the concept is similar to Blingo, except you win almost every day ( at least I did ),and you win Swagbucks to redeem instead of actual prizes. Some day's I won only 1 swagbuck, but other days I won as much a 3 swagbucks for one search. Love it!

It is powered by Google and, so my search results are always successful.

Simply click here to register and then save Swagbucks as your Home Page. Then, everytime you do a search online, you now will have the potential to win Swagbucks, which you then redeem for gift cards or prizes.

And, don't forget to invite your friends. You win when they win, up to 100 swagbucks!

Why not get something free for something you do anyway, right?

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