Thursday, June 19, 2008

Search with SwagBucks and Earn

Egads! What is a girl to do when there is a choice between two different Search Engines?? I know, I know, it is such a terrible problem to have.....

For quite awhile now, I have been using Blingo for all my Search needs online. You can click here to read my original post. But, basically, the low down is that instead of using Google or Yahoo to search the Internet, you use Blingo. And, throughout the day, random searchers win prizes.

So far, I have one twice at $5 each. This is after almost a year. And, both times, it was thanks to one of my referees winning.

The benefit, every time someone signs up under you and wins, you win, too.

My view point on Blingo was always, why not? It is powered by Google, which I liked, and I had to search the Internet anyway. So, I saved it as my homepage, and every time I did a search, I did it through Blingo.

But, now...I had a decision to make. Blingo or Swagbucks? What to do?

So, I decided to try Swagbucks over the last week to see what I liked and didn't like about it.

First, it is also powered through Google and Once again, I liked that.

Second, I won at least once every day, sometimes twice. What do you win? A swagbuck, which can then be redeemed for a prize of your choice. Usually, it appears to be 1 swagbuck, but their rules claim it can be higher ( probably just less likely to win that ).

Third, you can refer friends and every time they win a swagbuck, you win a swagbuck up to 100.

Here are some other things to consider. Since swagbucks are awarded more frequently then Blingo prizes, you will win something more often.

Based on the last 6 months of using Blingo, I won only twice. It totaled $10, although it could have been one of their grand prizes. Even so, since I am averaging at least 1 win a day on Swagbucks, within 45 days or sooner ( since you need 45 for $5) I would have enough points for a $5 Gift Card. Meaning in 6 months, I would have won about the same as I had on Blingo.

So, what do I do? With Swagbucks, it seems more likely a guarantee that I will accumulate enough points to get $5 every 3 months. But, with Blingo, I could get nothing or something worth ALOT of money. I mean, they have given $1,000s of dollars before. Hmmm?

So, here is what I did. I signed up for them both. I have Swagbucks saved as my HomePage and Blingo saved as an alternate homepage. I begin by searching with Swagbucks. Once I have won my swagbuck for the day, I then switch to Blingo if I have any other search needs throughout the day. If I don't win that day, I stick with Swagbucks all day. Why? I averaged one win a day anyway, so the odds I will win more are probably pretty slim. But, Blingo offers such great prizes, I hate giving them up completely.

If you do use Blingo, don't forget only the first 25 searches count towards a potential win for the day. So, if you do a lot of searching, it would be worthwhile to have 2 search engines with benefits.

If you currently are doing your searching via Yahoo, MSN, or Google, I would highly suggest you sign up for Blingo or Swagbucks. Or, both! If you do searches anyway, there is no reason not to potentially earn some money while you do it.

Interested in Blingo? Click here.

Interested in Swagbucks? Click here.

Don't forget to save them as your homepage, too. Otherwise you will find you don't take the time to type their address in before searching, and you will simply use whatever your currently saved search engine is.

Good Luck!

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Anonymous said...

I do my searches through goodsearch. It is powered through Yahoo. I don't win anything for me, but every search I do earns my chosen charity a penny. Since I do several searches a day, and other people are doing this, too, it adds up. It's not making me money directly, but it's part of my charitable contributions.

Morehart said...

another feature that allows you to get more points quicker is turning in your cell phone. I saw an old phone I have that my kids play with and it would give me 20 that is another way if there is something you have your eye on and want to get more points.

Anonymous said...

yeah, thats how i win most of my swag bucks - my friends do it for me!