Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Once again, I am posting Wednesday night instead of Tuesday night. Usually...and it hasn't been lately, I go to the grocery store late Tuesday night.

I got into this routine because my daughter had dance class Tuesday evenings last year ( and will again this year ), so my husband always met us there so he could watch her, too. Then, he was able to take all 3 kids and I could head to the grocery myself from there.

But, last night, I was out having a wonderful girls night out! Here in Cincinnati, we have a wonderful forum called CincyMoms that many Mommy types like me visit. Although they have many segments to this board, there is a deals section that is frequented by many serious savers! My hats are off to them!

Anyway, a group of them decided to meet, and Andrea at Mommy Snacks graciously invited me along. And, it was definitely a much needed ladies night out for me! In fact, I didn't get home until around 1:00 AM last night. Well, I think it was around 1...let's put it this way. Although I am up late most nights ( I can't seem to fall asleep anymore until almost 2 AM..ugh! ), I am not used to late nights out anymore. It honestly made me feel young again....a reminder of what life was like before kiddos! I only had to worry about getting myself to bed. Only one set of teeth to brush ( my own ) instead of 4!

So, with that...I am happy to say my coupon shopping was a day late! Thanks to the great moms who let me tag along and have a very enjoyable evening out!

Tonight, I only hit Kroger. I may venture over to Meijer tomorrow. If I do, I will post any finds there.

As usual, most of my deals were courtesy of the grocery game ( please use referral ). But, here are a few extras!

  • Old El Paso Taco Shells, Buy 2 - Reg $2.19 - Sale $1.00 - Manufacturer Coupon ($.55/2 doubles to $1.00/2 ) - Final $.50 ea w/ Peelie for Free Old El Paso Taco Seasoning w/2 taco shell purchases

  • Old El Paso Taco Seasoning - Reg $.99 - Peelie from above ($.99 ) - Final is FREE

$5 off your order with $20 in Nestle Purchases

  • Hot Pocket Calzones, Buy 2 - Reg $2.25 - Sale $2.00 - ($.50 ) due to promotion above - ($.50/2, doubles to $1.00 ) Manufacturer Coupon from inside of past boxes - Final $1.00 ea

  • Juicy Juice, Buy 2 - Reg $2.76 - Sale $2.50 - ($.62 ) due to promotion above - ($.50/2 doubles to $1.00/2 ) - Final $1.38 ea

  • Edy's Slow Churned Yogurt - Reg $5.39 - Sale $3.00 - ($.75 ) due to promotion above - ($.50...does not double ) Manufacturer Coupon, found hanging in the yogurt section - Final $1.75

There are many more items that pertain to this deal. In fact, Andrea has many of them posted on her site. Click here to read.

Also, watch those prices. I had my milk ring up wrong this week. I got over $3 off ( a free jug of milk ) due to the fact that their tags were wrong. I ALWAYS look over my receipt before I wheel out to the car and go right over to Customer Service if something rings up wrong. With Kroger's Price Guarantee, it is even more incentive to make sure your receipt is correct. If not, you get the item free.

Recycle those bags, too. After I unload my groceries, I put the bags inside one another nicely and take them right back out to the trunk of my van. Then, when I go shopping the next week, I stick them in my cart and hand them to the clerk as I am checking out.

You are not only helping the environment, but you are getting free money! I have been averaging $1.00 a week ( you get 5 cents per bag ). That is over $50 a year! Every little bit helps!

Finally, cut those Labels for Education while you are putting your items away. Then, keep them in a safe place ( mine are in a baggy together ) and save them for when school starts back up. I also collect Tyson Labels, Campbell's Labels, etc. They all account for free money for the schools in your area!

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Andrea said...

Carrie - I'm so glad you went! I had a blast too:-)