Saturday, August 30, 2008

Data Intelligence - Surveys, Focus Groups and Product Testers!

I recently signed up for a community through Data Intelligence called Town Square.

As you know from past posts, I love survey companies. In fact, I just received another $10 from My Survey over the last week, and all for taking surveys periodically. It doesn't get much easier than that. Click here to read my original post on survey companies.

Anyway, this is a new company I signed up for this week. Not only will they send you surveys where you can earn points and redeem them eventually for rewards, but they also have product testing, focus groups, etc for cold hard cash! And, it appears some of them run from $10 to $30 or more. Not bad!

Click here to sign up with Data Intelligence. I would recommend sending this to your "survey" email account ( if you don't have a separate email set up for surveys, I would recommend setting one up free thru Yahoo, etc ) so that your daily survey invitations don't get missed or mixed in with personal emails.

Once you are signed up, hopefully you will get invited soon to join one of their paid programs. So far, I have taken two surveys and earned 80 points.

Interested in other survey companies? Here are my favorites:

And, don't forget, if you ever need to come back and look up a survey site, just scroll down my right side bar until you get to the drop down for Survey Sites. I will also be adding this site to my list in the side bar.

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